Henry Vu and the Praying Man IV


If you were to ask Bob, was it is easy getting his life back together, after having a supernatural encounter with an angel, he would tell you no, and heck no. But God had intervened in a real way, and Bob was forever changed.

As he picked up the phone one morning to call Alcoholics Anonymous, Bob knew this was just the beginning. It was tough not to drink, beyond tough, but after the phone call he sat down to pray. He even opened his Bible to the book of Psalms. It had been his favorite book, but he hadn’t even touched a Bible for years.

But it was his daughter Madison flying in from California, that gave him the strength he needed. He met her at the airport an absolute wreck from not having his morning shot of brandy. When he saw her coming through the gate though – joy took over, and he looked up saying, “Thank you!” to heaven.

When she spotted him she yelled, “Dad!” and began running as fast as she could towards him. He couldn’t help thinking of the many times she had done the same thing as a little girl, when he came home from work, so many years ago.

There were tears of course when they hugged. And Bob said, “Please forgive me sweetheart…….for not being there when your Mom died……Madison broke down in great sobs, as Bob continued….. “I fell apart years before that…..and I’m so sorry…..”

As forgiveness flowed right there at Gate 5, Bob noticed Henry Vu standing some distance away in the crowd. Bob also saw that Henry was weeping. Who knew that angels wept?

Being so amazed about Henry, and God’s intervention, Bob said out loud, “I never thought my Guardian Angel would be Vietnamese…..” When his daughter looked at him as if to say, what are you talking about, Bob said, “Nothing sweetheart….” but he began smiling. Henry just nodded and smiled back, as they walked by.

As they walked away from Gate 5, and towards the parking lot Bob was shaking so badly, he could hardly walk. Madison knew he had quit drinking, and said “Dad we need to get you to a doctor, and I’m driving!”

The conclusion next week!


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest


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