He Used to be a River – A Story of Love and Faith


The bad thing was, he used to be a river, and she swam in the refreshing, the life giving love they shared. As he sat at the bar staring into his martini, nothing seemed to be right now. He hated drinking, he hated the bar scene, yet here he was, checking out the ladies. He moved his glass around as if he were stirring it.

He rubbed his face with his left hand, not believing really that he was alone, watching Dallas lose on the big screen. “How could she just throw it all away?” he said to himself. He needed to move on. It had been months since he signed the divorce papers, 8 years of loving, down the tubes…. but there were no more tears. Enough was enough.

“So….what’s your name?” A beautiful brunette startled him by sliding onto the barstool on his right. The words went so quickly from his brain to his mouth, and tumbling out he was surprised. “Sorry….I’m not interested…” It was better not to lie he thought. Her shock told the story of a young lady, (at least ten years younger than he was) that was not used to being rejected.

Her face went quickly from shock to beet red with embarrassment, as she slid away in her tight dress saying, “Suit yourself……your loss.” But just a few seconds later he was certain he heard the same voice, saying to a guy behind him at a table, “So…….what’s your name?” He thought he was going to be sick.

None of it was right, he didn’t belong here, and he was in, way over his head. He chugged his martini and decided to get the heck out of there, just as the Colts scored another touchdown. Dallas was going to lose this for sure. Once he was in his car, he couldn’t turn the key fast enough.

As he was driving, something strange began to happen. To be honest it was just plain weird……he started thinking about…..well he started thinking about church. Tomorrow was Sunday…..but what was this all about?

If he did go, it would have to be someplace he had never been before, like maybe that shrine place, up on the hill. And then he wondered what ever happened to the religious girl he liked……what was her name?

He figured she must be a nun by now…..

To be continued, early next week.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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