He Used to be a River IV – Forgiveness


As she held his hand, she looked at him with those searching green eyes, and could see the hurt on his face. He wouldn’t look at her, and instead he turned his head towards the door. She had never apologized to a guy before, except her father, and maybe her brother once in a while, but it was time to now, right here. And she knew it was important.

“Dan I’m sorry I made you feel that way.” “I’m not better than you, or anyone else for that matter…..” Now she had his attention, and he looked at her squarely in the eyes. Stephanie continued, “Back then…..well I was trying to be good…..and something took place within me.”

He interrupted her, “You mean with wearing those really long skirts and dresses?” She said, “Yes, I mean no….it went beyond all that.” Tears began flowing down her cheeks.

“Dan, back then I wanted to be religious so much….that I……I looked down on other people, even other Christians, other Catholics, pretty much everybody!” She covered her face with her free hand, trying to stop the tears, when she blurted out, “It was the sin of pride Dan, it was nothing but religious pride!”

He pulled back his hand from her, and she figured that was it. She was sure their relationship was over now, for the second time. She looked at her plastic spoon, on the table and was waiting for him to take her back to the church.

But the opposite was true, he had pulled back his hand to dig in his pocket for a clean handkerchief, never taking his eyes off of her. He was impressed with her now, because she was brave enough to be humble. And he was thinking, yep that was it all right. She had pushed him away – because of pride, but she had meant well.

He broke the tension with, “Hey let’s get out of here, I want to show you one of my favorite places….it’s in the country.” He was smiling now, and she was too suddenly.

She grabbed his hand again though asking, “But do you forgive me?” He said “Yes” very softly and nodded his head, then he smiled from ear to ear.

A few minutes later she was feeling the wind blow through her dark red hair, as Dan took them through some back roads to a lake that he loved. Did he actually say…..that he prayed there?

Her heart was soaring now.

To be continued, early next week.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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