He Used to be a River V- A Place of Prayer and Poetry


As the two of them held onto the railing overlooking the lake, Stephanie said, “No wonder you love coming here to pray.” They were silent for a while, simply breathing in the lake, and the surrounding forest. A flock of geese came from behind them, flying low, honking noisily until they landed on the water.

They stepped down from the platform and walked for a while, neither one of them saying much, but it was a good kind of quiet. There was peace. And it was the peace that made Stephanie think of his poetry, and she asked “Dan are you still writing?”

He shook his head no, and said, “No, not for several years…..fights with my ex-wife ended all that.” “For a long time I didn’t pray either, then I found this place.” Stephanie decided not to push it, and avoided causing more pain.

He thought of himself as being bold when he took Stephanie’s hand, and was grateful when she didn’t pull back. She smiled instead.

He asked her, “I know it’s getting chilly, but do you mind us staying for a little while longer?” “Maybe we can see some of the sunset.” They did watch the sunset, but from inside the car, because of the temperature dropping.

“So what turned you around?” he said suddenly. She looked at him, with a new sense of internal freedom now, “My parents, but mostly it was Father Tom…..” “He has a gentle spirit, which was so different than the person I was at the time.” Dan just nodded, understanding completely.

As he started the car and put it in drive, she wondered about the poem he had written her more than 8 years ago now. Would he remember it? She did, and she kept it tucked away in an envelope, in her night stand. She hadn’t looked at it in a while, but it was the only poem a guy had ever given to her. What a fool she had been back then……pushing him away.

His headlights were on now as they made their way back to the suburbs. Should she ask him about it? She prayed silently, and decided yes it was the right thing to do.

“Would you read to me again….especially the poem you wrote for me?” He was startled, but shook his head yes. “I will, I promise…..but it’s too soon right now.”

She understood, and whispered thank you, as the car passed some deer along the side of the road. And she wanted to say out loud the name of the poem. A poem that belonged to both of them really.

“I Am a River” she said clearly, as something like joy began, to fill them both.


To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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