He Used to be a River VI – Challenges


“So you’ve been going on dates, and you’ve known him for how long….I mean this time?” Stephanie’s Mom looked at her now, as they walked in a local park. Stephanie turned at least 14 shades of red. Stephanie hesitated, realizing what her mother was going to say next, and to top it all off, her Mom had that twinkle in her eye…..the one that said she having fun with this conversation.

Stephanie blurted out…… “Mom! Stop laughing, alright it’s been 2 weeks.” There she said it. Her Mom harrumphed instead of laughing. “Two weeeeks??” “Unbelievable, and you expect him to pray the rosary?” Stephanie looked down at the ground, and her Mom knew instantly she needed to back off.

“Sweetheart you know the Church doesn’t require the rosary…..it is a devotion, and that’s all.” “You need to relax more, and don’t start expecting more from him than you should.” Stephanie nodded her head yes, protesting with, “But it’s what he said about it….” Stephanie was hurt when Dan described how it didn’t seem right to him. Stephanie’s Mom motioned for Stephanie to have a seat on the park bench.

Meanwhile Dan was working across town at the Mercedes dealer as a mechanic, and was getting a blasting from his sometimes friend, Brad. Brad started in again, about dating a “religious” woman. “So what do the two of you do, on a date then…huh?” Dan slid under the S250 he was working on, while saying, “Knock it off Brad!”

But Brad didn’t knock it off, “So tell me…..is she a virgin?” It was at that point that Dan moved so quickly from under the car, to his feet, and grabbing Brad by his uniform collar that Brad was actually terrified. “Listen you jerk – you say one more stupid thing like that about Stephanie and me – and I’ll knock your head off – got it?” Brad just nodded repeatedly.

Back at the park, Stephanie’s Mom asked an important question, “Is he writing poetry again?” Stephanie shook her head no and said, “Not yet….but he wants to.”

“Well when he does, you’ll know the healing is taking place……let’s pray for him again……” The two of them bowed their heads, and joined hands to pray.


To be continued in a couple of days.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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