I Am a River Again


It took the 2 of them about 2 ½ hours to make it to the ocean, but when they finally got out of the car, at the lighthouse parking lot, Stephanie took a deep breath. “Ah, the smell of the ocean!” “This is beautiful Dan!” He smiled silently.

“And the lighthouse is just above the rocks, with a great view of the ocean”, he said. He had been here for photographs, and yes of course to pray many times. With a backpack, a cooler, and their two cameras, they headed down the ¼ mile path to the edge where land meets ocean, and the Caine’s Point Lighthouse.

“So where do you go to pray, Steph?” Dan had been calling her Steph for the past few weeks, after asking her if that was ok. She loved it actually, no one else called her that, so it had a special ring to it.

“Well I don’t go as far away as you do, I usually stick closer to home!” They both chuckled. “I have to admit though, inside the church is one of my favorite places, along with our garden at home.” “And when I really want to get away from it all, I bike to the park, at the base of the mountain.” Dan nodded.

When they did make it to the lighthouse there was no one else there, although there were hikers, in a couple of different directions. They just stood there for several moments looking at the waves, and where the horizon brought the ocean and sky together.

The lighting was just right and Stephanie took out her camera, a Nikon, and started taking shots, carefully framing each one of them. A strange feeling took place, when she looked through the lens for the third time, this one was special she thought. And somehow she knew……..was it a vision? She couldn’t tell, but as she was looking through the camera, she knew this one…….this one, would be in her wedding album.

For a second it took her breath away. They moved to a picnic table right next to the lighthouse, and set up their lunch. They couldn’t decide who would lead the prayer, so they both did. Then Stephanie had a question or two on her mind to ask him. It was risky but she went for it.

“She hurt you really badly didn’t she……your ex-wife?” There was a flash of pain across his face, but he let it go, and just said, “Yeah.”

She went for it again with, “Do you still love her?” He paused for a minute, which just about stopped her heart, but he shook his head no and said, “No it was over a long time before the divorce……she wanted…..someone else.”

Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief.


To be continued this weekend.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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