I Am a River Again II


“I’ll race ya!” They were on their bikes racing to the park when Stephanie challenged him. He loved a good race, and as Stephanie pulled ahead, he found himself pedaling harder and faster than he had expected. “Ha!” he yelled, which was all he could do, as he spent all his breath to catch up to her.

They went up a slight hill, and then back down flying. Dan thought of eagles side by side as the wind seemed to fill them. Stephanie was so beautiful with her dark red hair trailing behind her, from under her helmet. She was pulling ahead again!

When they made it to the entrance of the park, at full speed they called it a tie. Well he called it a tie, Stephanie just smiled and said quietly, “You know, I was just slightly ahead.” He said nothing, because he was out of breath.

They locked their bikes and walked over to the river. He was astounded by the beauty of the place. “Steph, what do you pray for when you come out here?” She immediately thought of him and how she fasted, and prayed for him, but she said, “People….I pray for people that I know…”

He took her hand and loved the way it felt in his. He often thought about her enamel white skin. It was not pale really, but instead the white was rich and deep, with a beautiful hint of red underneath.

As they walked he wanted to ask her about God, or rather her view about people and God. “Steph, what about people that don’t have our faith……maybe they have another faith…..” His voice trailed off, but Stephanie, jumped in quickly with, “Oh I love this topic!” “Father Tom has taught us about it!” Dan waited.

“Father Tom says something I love, ‘We are not the judge, and we don’t know all the ways God speaks to people.’” Dan nodded his headed yes, because he liked what he was hearing. Stephanie continued, “And he says that the people with a strict interpretation of this, always forget that each human being is made in God’s image.”

Dan was soaking this all in when he suddenly pointed and said, “Look, there’s a hill full of daffodils!” “Do you still have your camera?” But Stephanie was already sifting through her backpack. Dan jumped in with, “I like Father Tom, I think I’d like to meet with him.”

A minute later Stephanie was taking multiple shots of the amazing yellow flowers. And once again she had something like a vision. It was as she was looking through the lens, for a close-up. She felt it in her heart….it was strong too. Their first baby would be a girl……and they would paint her room……yes they would paint her room – yellow.

She almost fainted, and Dan rushed to her side, catching her in his arms.


 To be continued this week.

 Writing and Images © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning





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