I Am a River Again III


They were under the willow tree, and it was their first kiss. She was still in his arms, and after Dan said, “Are you Ok?” and Stephanie nodded her head yes, he leaned in, but he hesitated. She had tears in her eyes, and yet her face said, “Please kiss me”, without saying a word. Dan was confused, but went for it when Stephanie leaned in towards him.

It was a deep, wonderful kiss, that lovers often enjoy. She melted into his arms, but he stopped. Suddenly he turned beat red, and with a serious look said, “We should go…” Stephanie was shocked, and unsure what to do, so all she could manage to blurt out was, “What do you mean??” Did he suddenly not like her, did she do something wrong? He didn’t answer her.

Dan walked to where their bikes were, as a million thoughts flooded his mind. She was religious, a person of faith, and he didn’t want to be the ruin of anyone, especially not Stephanie. Was it a sin? He had no idea. They had not even said those magic words yet, “I love you.” All he could think of was getting out of there, and quick.

Their ride back was silent, except for the pedaling, and gears shifting. Dan noticed that she slowed down once in a while, to wipe the tears off her face. And her pain was slowly turning to anger, he could see it visibly as if it was a cloud. They said nothing to each other as they reached their separate cars, loaded and left.

Dan knew he needed some advice, and as soon as he reached his place, he dialed Father Tom’s cell phone number. He knew it was only to be used for emergencies, but to Dan, this was at least urgent. “Hello, Father Tom here!” Dan was grateful the priest had answered.

“Father Tom – I upset Stephanie, and I have no idea what to do……I think I love her……and we kissed, and she’s angry…..and well, is it a sin?” Father Tom knew almost right away what this was about. He liked Dan, but he sometimes seemed nervous and overly serious about faith issues. “Whoa, whoa, slow down Dan….is what a sin?”

Dan hesitated, but quietly said, “Kissing.” Father Tom was smiling now, over the phone. He had been wanting to meet with Dan. Apparently, Dan had a few misconceptions about people of faith, and he needed some straightening out.

“Well Dan I think it was listed as a sin…..oh I’d say around…..1934!” He couldn’t help making a joke about it, but continued quickly with, “Good heavens man – where did you get that from?” Dan responded with, “I have no idea.”

Father Tom thought for a second and said, “Listen meet me tomorrow morning, at 7:00 in the church parking lot, you and I can go jogging on the walking path nearby.” Jogging?? Dan had never met a priest before that went jogging, but he really needed to talk.

To be continued later this weekend.

Thanks for your patience this week!


Writing and Images © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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