I Am a River Again V


She was in the kitchen, mixing some pasta sauce, when she saw her phone ringing. It was Dan but she decided to let it ring. She was honestly too scared to pick it up. She really did not want to hear it was over before it began. But after 5 minutes, she really wanted to listen to that message!

Her heart skipped a beat when she first heard his voice on the recording. And as she began listening to the words, she let the tears flow again, as her heart healed itself. She had been too quick to get angry. True, it was mostly his fault, but at least she understood now. He had already told her it was unusual for him to be dating, and yet not……well you know.

It was new territory for sure – for the both of them really. She wasn’t really into the dating scene, and yet he was, in a much different way and for different reasons. She dialed his number after throwing in some noodles into boiling water. She headed for the freezer for some broccoli to go into the microwave.

As soon as he picked up, she practically yelled, “Dan!” She told him she loved the idea of going walking, but, “Could we go to the Wednesday night service tomorrow night, and I mean you pick me up, and we sit together?” They had not sat together as a couple before in church, and she was sure it would start people talking, but she didn’t care.

“And afterwards, we can talk…….about us.” She loved the sound of that, when she said it. Dan could hardly believe it, so he went for it, “Steph….I love you.” There he said it, his heart was beating about a hundred miles an hour, but he said it.

She hadn’t expected that, but she knew instinctively that he meant it. She said very softly, “I love you Dan.”

When they did sit together at church that Wednesday, they did indeed start people talking. The two of them smiled a lot, especially at people watching them, but also at each other. It felt right. They hugged each other when the church offered each other “peace”. And during the Our Father Prayer, (also known as the Lord’s Prayer) he reached for her hand.

It was one of the most wonderful nights in church she had ever had. She wondered during the service if she would have another vision, or whatever they were. But no, there were none, but there was the almost overwhelming sense, of being loved.

They talked a long time in Dan’s car afterwards. When the parking lot was empty, their lips somehow just seemed to find each other……and he never did ask the question he had on his mind, at least not that night.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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