The Tiny House – Conclusion


“Melody, that is no way to talk to your mother!!” Anna had never hung up on anyone, let alone her own daughter. Yet she felt hounded, trapped even, by her oldest daughter’s self-proclaimed advocacy for her to move out of her house. She felt bad about yelling at her though.

Three days later Melody was shockingly at her door, with a suitcase. “Melody…??” Melody didn’t skip a beat and said, “Momma, I’m sorry, I’m just….we all are just concerned…..about you.” With a deep sigh Anna invited her in, holding open the door, saying, “Come in child.”

As Melody stepped over the threshold she felt something odd. It was a presence, not a scary one….but a feeling, maybe of comfort. It was difficult to describe really. They went to the kitchen, where Anna put the kettle on, and pulled two cups and saucers from the cupboard.

Once she poured the tea, Anna asked, “So are you staying until you convince me to leave? Or just a few days?” Melody sat and stared at her cup, while bouncing the teabag in the water. To be honest she hadn’t thought of that. She hesitated but eventually got the words out: “No, actually Frank and I…..we had a fight, can I stay here a few days?”

Mother and daughter talked a long time, about marriage, about everything. “Melody you’re almost sixty years old, when are you going to find someone that treats you right?” Tears began welling in Melody’s eyes. She felt like a failure, and when Anna realized she said the wrong thing, they both stood up from the table and hugged.

Anna knew her daughter often felt lost, sometimes confused by life even. She always seemed like a little girl, lost in a forest. But now it was simply a time for holding her, assuring her, she was loved.

Melody reached for the Kleenex, and felt that comforting presence again. She said, “Momma, I feel a presence here…..there’s something different in this house, and well….I can’t explain it.” Anna smiled, while she looked outside, and saw the sun was setting.

Anna reached for the door, and said, “Let’s go down to the river, and I’ll explain it to you sweetheart.” As Melody listened, Anna explained about love living in her home, and the presence of Jacob, her husband. She never said that she saw him sometimes, even though she wanted to share that as well.

But as the sun grew dim, mother and daughter zipped their jackets a little higher, silently now watching the water flow over the rocks. Melody felt something to her left, at first only an outline of grey, then white…..and suddenly it was him. He was concentrating on the river, fishing.

But his spirit then turned to his daughter. He waved and smiled at her. Melody was stunned, but she managed to whisper, “Papa…..”

And somehow she knew……everything was going to be alright.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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