My Hawk Eyes


I’m not sure when I first got my eyes, but I do remember falling. I was out camping, actually I was on a spirit quest, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was on the side of the mountain, and it had been raining for days when the whole trail gave way. I fell for hundreds of feet.

I was unconscious for the most part for three days! It took them that long to find me, and I could only hear them a little, as if I was in a distant tunnel. I had so many things broken, that I was sedated for a long time, to be honest I don’t remember how long. That’s when the dreams started.

They were cool dreams, and always started the same way – I was flying! Soaring over mountains, diving into valleys, and drifting over rivers. And yes I really could see long distances. I could see mice, and rabbits from hundreds of yards, even a mile away sometimes.

And then I would wake up with a start, checking my hands and feet to see if anything had changed. Over the period of months I was in the hospital, they gave me so many meds I couldn’t keep track. One of them broke me out and I was itchy all over. For the first time in my life, I had a panic attack because I thought the hives were spots where the feathers were starting!

When I could see mosquitos in the room though up close, I knew something was up. So, one morning, having had another dream, I forced myself out of bed (which I wasn’t supposed to do) and ventured into the hallway. I searched down the hallway and got the shock of my life.

I could see the hairpins in a nurse’s hair, some 50 yards away! It was the same in every direction, and I could easily focus in and out, close and far away.

It was only a few seconds before the nurses dragged back into the hospital room, but I knew I now had the eyes……of a hawk.


To be continued this weekend.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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