Hawk Eyes III


Well to be honest, I didn’t make my getaway quick enough. I had parked a long ways from Mack’s Pub that night. And as I walked quickly down the street, passing under the street lights, I heard her voice. Somehow, the one-eyed woman with messed up hair, had revived herself, and came running after me! “Wait!!” She yelled.

I really thought the woman was insane, so I started running too, in the opposite direction! She kept yelling, “Wait, no please wait!” in a pleading way. I hesitated because there was something in her voice. Maybe it was her horrible appearance, or maybe I was interested because she was pleading, but when she yelled, “I know how to help you – with your eyes!” I stopped dead in my tracks.

She had my attention. When she walked up close, she got a little too close, so I took a step back. Was that a bug in her hair? Under the street light I could see something moving. Figuring it was a mosquito, and that she wouldn’t mind, I flicked it. “Bug” was all I said.

She just nodded, and started by saying, “Listen, I know I look weird……but please listen to what I have to say.” I said nothing and waited. “I saw you out on the ridge yesterday, because I was there too. You just didn’t see me.” I just looked at her. She continued, “And I thought it was really cool how you called the cops on those thugs, down in the valley.”

There haven’t been too many times in my life that I have been impressed by someone, but this was one of them. I finally nodded yes, not knowing what to say. “I want to help you” she said. I began to relax some, and was no longer even considering running. I began to think that maybe, just maybe, some of her weirdness, was well…..kind of attractive. Ok, give me a break…I am a guy, you know.

“I need to show you something” she said, “but we need to go up high on the ridge, like right now.” I was shocked, “What?? Now, in the dark??” She nodded yes, and said, “It’s important!”

She explained that she wanted to meet by the large group of rocks, on the west side, but I told her no, since the whole thing was illegal, (because of the hour) and I did not want to be stumbling around in the dark, we would meet in the parking lot.

She tried to object by saying, “But with your eyes….” I cut her off with a simple head shake no. So we each headed for our cars, and as she walked away, looking over her shoulder, she smiled she said, “By the way, my name is Michelle.” “And I really can help you.” She turned to face me, and walked backwards saying, “Besides…..you’re kind of cute.”


To be continued. I’m really enjoying writing this series, so I’ll be posting another segment tomorrow! Thanks for reading.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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