Hawk Eyes V


We were both falling asleep, so we slid down the rocks, and lay underneath some pine trees close by. I had brought some blankets from the trunk of my car (I carry them because you’re supposed to in bad weather). We moved in close, under the two layers of blankets, and we were out like a light.

It was the beams of sunlight that woke us in the morning. My first thoughts were how cool it was to wake up next to a woman……even though, well you know……we never did anything. And then I looked at her, and well….her hair!

I had to look away, so I wouldn’t insult her with laughing. As you know her hair was always a mess, but after laying on the ground all night – I think she had a little bit of everything in there, and it was all pushed to one side! I saw leaves, pieces of twigs, dirt, and was that a beetle? I instinctively reached in and pulled out the offending intruder. Unfortunately, there were a couple of strands of hair with it. “Ow!” was her response.

She saw me staring, and said gruffly, “I know I look a mess, I’ll be right back.” After about 10 minutes of hearing her say, “Ouch!”, and “Ow!!” a few dozen times she came back looking better than I had ever seen her before. She still had both eyes covered though, one with the patch, and the other with long strands of her almost blonde hair.

So now we could both focus on the sun, and the newness of another day. She said softly, “Michael there’s more to this than just being extremely farsighted, and seeing well at night.” I looked at her waiting for more. She kept her eyes on the sun though. For a second I thought I saw something under her patch, but then she said, “Take my hand, and close your eyes.”

At first I didn’t see anything, but I had the sensation of floating. Michelle must have read my mind, because she said, “I will see for you…” And then I had the most wonderful, awe inspiring, and frightening experience of my life. We were flying – both of us, and I could see it all!

I could see the tops of the trees, and the mountain so clearly, it was as if we were in a 3D movie or a dream. Soaring with the wind in my wings……wait!!! Wings??? I yelled, “What is happening??” “God help me!!” And then suddenly I was falling.

And my day of adventure, was only just beginning.


To be continued this weekend!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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