Hawk Eyes VIII – Delivered by Fire


Hey, this is Michelle. Yeah, I like the guy. I’m not going to lie, but that’s not what I was thinking about as I was flying above, where he disappeared. I was certain the Dark Forest had lured him in, knowing he was a hawk, and intending to destroy him! They or it, took advantage of him being angry, and not really paying attention to the portal opening and then closing behind him.

Projecting my voice to warn him only worked briefly. Maybe the evil forces of the forest blocked my communicating with him, but I was praying now, hoping he would make it out of there. There was so much he needed to learn, and so far I hadn’t had a chance to explain. Mostly he needed to understand why, and how he was so special.

And then I thought I saw something moving, near the edge, where the trees emptied out into a large meadow. There! It was a wave of air, sort of…….bending…..and moving, and as I swooped down transforming back into a human, I landed about a 100 feet in front of it. For some reason, I could feel heat. I had never been inside of the Dark Forest before, but I knew this was weird.

And then it opened! It was a portal filled with raging fire! I put my arms up to protect my face, because  the heat now, was intense. And then I saw him, running towards me as he pushed through the opening, with his right hand in the air, and a large knife in his left. The strength of his legs pumping at full speed, and his face filled with determination, were amazing. He was magnificent!

He stumbled as soon as he was through, got up and ran towards me. I could see he was burned, hair singed, skin all red, clothing was burning and falling off. “Michael!!” I yelled as the portal closed. I yelled for him to roll on the ground to put out some of the fire still clinging to him.

After we both knew he was ok, he said, “Let’s get outta here!” and I helped him up. But I looked him square in the face and asked, “Where did the fire come from?” He hesitated, but said quietly, “From me, it seems I can throw fire around now……kind of easily too. It comes in streams though…..”

I was shocked. I was so surprised, my legs gave out and I sat down right there. “What?” he said, just staring at me. “It means you’re a lot more special, than I realized.”

A few minutes later I was helping him walk, with one arm under one of his arms. “After dipping you in a cold stream I’m taking you back to my place.” I said. He asked, “You live up here?” I just shook my head yes.

Along the way I shared briefly why we were made hawks, and that we were up against some pretty tough dark forces. He just listened.

I will tell you he really likes my place, high up in the mountains. That’s always helpful, wink, wink!

Peace out.


I’ll share more of our story in a couple of days,



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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