Hawk Eyes IX – Cool Mountain Streams


Hey, this is Michelle again, and you know what? It’s been really cool getting to know Michael. He amazed me that day, after escaping from the Dark Forest. Up near my place, there are several streams I often bathe in, and that’s where we headed.

I turned my head while he took off what remained of his clothes. They were nothing more now than burnt rags. He let out a soothing “Ah” sound as he went into the water. Ok ladies, you didn’t hear this from me…..but I was tempted, I’m not kidding, but I was at least trying to be good! I sat on some rocks and turned to the side.

I was thinking about how much I was digging him, when he asked me, “I see you covered your eyes again…..did you…..do that for me?” I just nodded yes, and said “Yeah”. He said, “Hey, I’m sorry about my reaction when I saw them…..can we try it again?” He was tugging on my heart strings now. Remember this is when the mess started, between him and I….

Anyway, I turned to him (no I didn’t see anything!) and slowly lifted my eye patch. He didn’t react at all, so I swept back my hair, and there they were – two of the biggest hawk eyes, you would ever want to see! Or not!

I know my eyes are gross, I’m not stupid. But Michael….well he didn’t throw up this time. He did turn away, but said, “I’m getting used to them.”

After he got out of the water, with me turned away, he wrapped himself in the only thing we had – a blanket. As I was helping him tie it, sort of like a toga, I said one of the stupidest things I have ever said. It just wasn’t the right timing, but I blurted out, “Do you think we could be a couple?”

I turned ten shades of red. But he pulled my heartstrings again, by not laughing. Instead he looked at me, with my bare, ugly hawk eyes, looking back at him. He smiled, and said, “Why don’t we get to know each other first.” I just nodded, embarrassed.

Deeply embedded in the rocks, was my place, and no I don’t live in a hawk’s nest! You can’t see it though, until I touch the rock for it to open.

I’ll turn our story over to Michael again, in a couple of days.

Peace out.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


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