Hawk Eyes XV – Bluejays, Hawks, and an Eagle


Well, so much for romance! As Michael and I launched ourselves, we went straight into flow of ravens. “I count 15!” Michael yelled, but I could see more coming from the east. “Michael!” “Yep I see them…..3 more….listen – see if you can climb high and call for help.”

Michael continued to fly towards the east, where we thought the portal was, while I went up, ignoring the ravens for now. We both knew, that the portal needed to be shut down. Once I was high enough, I was yelling my head off, in the hawk language, “Help! We need help over here! Help!” “The Dark Forest has opened up!”.

Meanwhile, Michael was yelling in bluejay (yes the bluejay language) asking for help with fighting the ravens. Why bluejays? In addition to being beautiful, have you ever seen how nasty those birds are? Two of them can just about take down a raven, for sure!

And then I spotted it, and Michael coming up on it. The portal of strange rippling air with that weird hum they always make. But wait! What was that coming out of it just now? It was an ambiguous greyish, shapeless form, with two legs!

Whatever it was, I could sense that it was the worst sort of evil. I was about to yell to Michael about the creature, when dozens of bluejays came from every direction – and they were not there to play games! Each bluejay engaged the enemy as soon as they were close enough. It was awesome!

Flying above the fray of blue, black, and white feathers, I was trying to watch the creature, or demon, or whatever it was, so we wouldn’t lose sight of it, when I saw streams of fire from Michael, hit their target with deadly accuracy. Yes!! The portal was fully engulfed. Wahoo!!

I love how Michael does that. As a human, the fire will only come out of his right hand, but as a hawk, both wings can send enough fire to burn down a house. I began speeding up, and made myself invisible as I followed the demon creature. Meanwhile two of our hawk friends joined the bluejays in fighting the ravens.

I had trouble following the creature through the forest, but every once in a while, I saw its greyish form, and he was headed straight for the humans! There was a campsite not far away with several families, and because of my eyes, I could see some children playing. “Oh dear God!” I said out loud.

It was then that I heard two explosions in the area of the portal. And there was more fire. I never knew Michael could throw explosions too, but it made sense. I knew by now he was probably running out of energy, so I lifted a quick prayer, and turned again to follow the demon-creature.

Then one of the weirdest things I have ever seen, happened. As I was flying invisible, a shadow began to cover me, I mean cover me and then some. But the shadow, was unmistakably the shadow of wings. When I turned I saw the largest eagle anyone has ever seen, I’m sure of it.

It was easily 4 times the size of any eagle I had known. I quickly became visible, and moved out of its way. Did heaven hear my prayer?

Chills ran up and down my spine, as I saw this magnificent eagle, with talons extended, heading straight for the demon-creature.

Don’t be mad at me ladies…… but God I love a good fight!


I’ll tell you the rest in a couple of days!

Peace Out!



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Hawk Eyes XIV – He Amazes Me


Hey everyone, this is Michelle. Ladies, I’m not sure how to describe this but there is nothing…….I mean nothing……like flying with your guy, wingtip to wingtip!

About a week after Michael moved in, the two of us were soaring…..and I remember that day because I had more than the wind, filling my wings. I was more amazed everyday with this guy!

Why do we ladies do that? It’s like…… each time he floored me with a look or something he said, I was stunned, caught in like…..suspended animation or something. Time stood still, and then suddenly kicked in again.

Anyway, we had just visited with some hawk friends, yes you heard right, we have friends that are hawks. They do know all about us, that we are humans sometimes, and they help us with our speaking and understanding the hawk language.

I was so proud of Michael! I know some of our ability is natural, genetic for sure, but it is still a language we are learning. And Michael has such a wonderful accent. I would say……it’s ancient……or maybe more classical, than any other bird of prey that I’ve heard.

On the way back, we flew much higher than normal and the view! Michael said, “Let’s practice our diving!” And off he went, his powerful wings folded, head down, speeding straight for the earth! Like I said….he amazes me now.

After a few dives, he invited me to one of our favorite rivers. By the way, when we are hawks, we can only speak the hawk language, but we can understand humans. And the reverse is true too, when we are humans we can understand hawk, but we’re not able to speak it. It has to do with biology and the shape of our mouths.

Anyway, we landed on one of our favorite branches, right next to the river. His voice was low, but in perfect hawk he said, “Michelle you know I love you…..and I was thinking……that maybe, no maybe……I know – it’s time we made us even stronger.

My hawk heart was pounding about a hundred miles an hour! I want you all to know that Michael and I well…..we weren’t  completely a couple. Ok, I’ll just say it, we hadn’t consummated yet!

Michael continued, “I have no idea how we could be married……but here, or maybe on the top of our mountain, we could pledge ourselves to each other.” I was all over it ladies! “Of course of My Love!” came out so quick, it surprised even me.

I was about to say more, but he moved in close, and I leaned over, placing my beak in the feathers of his neck. We were silent for a while, just listening to each other breathe. Then we heard something, felt it deep in our spirits, we both sat up. Michael yelled, “A portal opening!”

We could sense the evil of the Dark Forest, trying to tear open the air. And then I screamed, “Michael look! Ravens!”

To be continued by me, Michelle.

Peace Out!


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Hawk Eyes XIII – A Pair of Hawks


Hey, this is Michelle. If you could have seen his face, as he walked into my underground home! He simply couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been proud of my place. I even put tile down as flooring, but there were two things that stood out to Michael.

First, the lighting I installed really lights the place up. “Where is the electricity coming from?” he asked. I thought it was kind of obvious that it was solar, but you know how men are ladies…….they kind of miss what is so plain to see…..don’t they? “It’s solar Michael” I said smiling.

The other thing he loved were the books. He was in awe really. And you know what? It was kind of nice to see him think of me differently after that. I have biology, chemistry, and every kind of wilderness survival book, and solar energy book you could think of. He was stunned.

He sat down in the middle of the great room speechless. But when I served up some roasted wild turkey, and a salad (yes I have a refrigerator built into the stone) he kept saying, “I had no idea, I had no idea”, as he shook his head.

It was Michael though, that brought up sleeping together. He dipped a piece of roasted turkey into his salad dressing, and said, “Michelle…..I see you have only one bed, but everything’s been happening…..well so fast…..” He stopped talking, put down his fork, and stared at his bowl of salad.

I thought we were doing great, but for the first time I began to see things from where he was. It had been overwhelming, and it would be overwhelming for anyone going through what he had. And we had only known each other for 2 ½ days! And to be honest, we were both exhausted.

Finally I said, “Relax Michael, we can do like we have been, sleeping next to each other……you know, without getting it on!” I couldn’t resist the humor, and we both chuckled. He seemed relieved the pressure was off, so I jumped in with, “And for tomorrow why don’t we practice our flying, and some of our gifts?!” He smiled from ear to ear on that one.

We hit the sack early that night. I really love sleeping with Michael, and having him next to me, gives me the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. I could just imagine what it would be like, when…..well you know…..we were married or whatever. And I love waking up next to him! Sigh.

We headed out early the next day, and practiced transforming ourselves, from humans to hawks, and back again. And I was careful to explain that this is the only practice we can do close to home. We didn’t want to attract anything or anyone, picking us up on their scanners.

So we flew some 20 miles away, so Michael could practice throwing some fire around, and I showed him how I hide things, including us becoming invisible. I was about to test Michael on some other gifts I thought he might have, when we both detected some evil in the skies, some distance off to the north, so we high-tailed it out of there, flying at a low altitude.

We weren’t done for the day though. When we got home I introduced Michael to the world of bird languages! Ain’t it cool?!

Next time I’ll tell you about Michael learning the hawk language, and the two of us getting……well a little bit closer.

Peace out!



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes IX – Cool Mountain Streams


Hey, this is Michelle again, and you know what? It’s been really cool getting to know Michael. He amazed me that day, after escaping from the Dark Forest. Up near my place, there are several streams I often bathe in, and that’s where we headed.

I turned my head while he took off what remained of his clothes. They were nothing more now than burnt rags. He let out a soothing “Ah” sound as he went into the water. Ok ladies, you didn’t hear this from me…..but I was tempted, I’m not kidding, but I was at least trying to be good! I sat on some rocks and turned to the side.

I was thinking about how much I was digging him, when he asked me, “I see you covered your eyes again…..did you…..do that for me?” I just nodded yes, and said “Yeah”. He said, “Hey, I’m sorry about my reaction when I saw them…..can we try it again?” He was tugging on my heart strings now. Remember this is when the mess started, between him and I….

Anyway, I turned to him (no I didn’t see anything!) and slowly lifted my eye patch. He didn’t react at all, so I swept back my hair, and there they were – two of the biggest hawk eyes, you would ever want to see! Or not!

I know my eyes are gross, I’m not stupid. But Michael….well he didn’t throw up this time. He did turn away, but said, “I’m getting used to them.”

After he got out of the water, with me turned away, he wrapped himself in the only thing we had – a blanket. As I was helping him tie it, sort of like a toga, I said one of the stupidest things I have ever said. It just wasn’t the right timing, but I blurted out, “Do you think we could be a couple?”

I turned ten shades of red. But he pulled my heartstrings again, by not laughing. Instead he looked at me, with my bare, ugly hawk eyes, looking back at him. He smiled, and said, “Why don’t we get to know each other first.” I just nodded, embarrassed.

Deeply embedded in the rocks, was my place, and no I don’t live in a hawk’s nest! You can’t see it though, until I touch the rock for it to open.

I’ll turn our story over to Michael again, in a couple of days.

Peace out.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes VIII – Delivered by Fire


Hey, this is Michelle. Yeah, I like the guy. I’m not going to lie, but that’s not what I was thinking about as I was flying above, where he disappeared. I was certain the Dark Forest had lured him in, knowing he was a hawk, and intending to destroy him! They or it, took advantage of him being angry, and not really paying attention to the portal opening and then closing behind him.

Projecting my voice to warn him only worked briefly. Maybe the evil forces of the forest blocked my communicating with him, but I was praying now, hoping he would make it out of there. There was so much he needed to learn, and so far I hadn’t had a chance to explain. Mostly he needed to understand why, and how he was so special.

And then I thought I saw something moving, near the edge, where the trees emptied out into a large meadow. There! It was a wave of air, sort of…….bending…..and moving, and as I swooped down transforming back into a human, I landed about a 100 feet in front of it. For some reason, I could feel heat. I had never been inside of the Dark Forest before, but I knew this was weird.

And then it opened! It was a portal filled with raging fire! I put my arms up to protect my face, because  the heat now, was intense. And then I saw him, running towards me as he pushed through the opening, with his right hand in the air, and a large knife in his left. The strength of his legs pumping at full speed, and his face filled with determination, were amazing. He was magnificent!

He stumbled as soon as he was through, got up and ran towards me. I could see he was burned, hair singed, skin all red, clothing was burning and falling off. “Michael!!” I yelled as the portal closed. I yelled for him to roll on the ground to put out some of the fire still clinging to him.

After we both knew he was ok, he said, “Let’s get outta here!” and I helped him up. But I looked him square in the face and asked, “Where did the fire come from?” He hesitated, but said quietly, “From me, it seems I can throw fire around now……kind of easily too. It comes in streams though…..”

I was shocked. I was so surprised, my legs gave out and I sat down right there. “What?” he said, just staring at me. “It means you’re a lot more special, than I realized.”

A few minutes later I was helping him walk, with one arm under one of his arms. “After dipping you in a cold stream I’m taking you back to my place.” I said. He asked, “You live up here?” I just shook my head yes.

Along the way I shared briefly why we were made hawks, and that we were up against some pretty tough dark forces. He just listened.

I will tell you he really likes my place, high up in the mountains. That’s always helpful, wink, wink!

Peace out.


I’ll share more of our story in a couple of days,



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes VI


I must have passed out, because I don’t remember anything before the two of us hit the ground, with a huge thud. The strange thing was, we were right back where we started. Was it a vision, or had we really turned into hawks?

To be honest, I couldn’t think straight, I was in too much pain, and as I rolled around moaning, unable to get up, I was vaguely aware of Michelle yelling at me. “What the hell is wrong with you?!!” “You almost killed both of us?!!” But her voice seemed distant and I had a ringing in my ears, so I ignored her.

As I began sitting up, she was still yelling, “You never give up, in the middle of a transformation!!” I shook my head trying to think, “A transfor…..what?” It was then that Michelle stood over me, with both hands on her hips. She said, “Trans-for-ma-tion.”, as if I needed to hear it slower. And then she did something I would never forget, and to be honest I wish she hadn’t done it.

She looked down at me and flipped up her eye patch. And when she saw my look of shock, and my jaw drop, she swept her almost blonde hair back, from the other eye. I couldn’t help myself, I turned to my right (away from her) and vomited like a big dog.

She had stared hard at me with the most hideous eyes I had ever seen. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, she had two of the strangest, and ugliest hawk eyes. She said nothing as I emptied my gut of every fragment of anything. Not looking at her, I eventually made it to my feet and covered my vomit with dirt.

What I did not know at the time, was that my reaction to her eyes, really hurt her feelings deeply. Tears were streaming down her face. But I didn’t know that, because I wasn’t looking at her any more. I looked around at the ground and started gathering my backpack, and the rest of my belongings. I also grabbed one of the blankets, and headed back down the trail. “Where are you going?” she asked. I mumbled, “I’m outta here.”

The only thing I wanted, was to be away from this whole mess, hawk eyes, wings, transformation – I was done! And that included Michelle. Stumbling, hurting, sick, and angry, I headed back towards the car, but at the last second, I decided on a side trail. Actually, it wasn’t a trail at all, but it was a path the deer often travelled.

I walked for hours, vaguely aware of a shadow of wings, following me. When I saw the shadow covering me, I knew instantly it was her. And it was if I could hear in my mind, Michelle’s voice calling me, “Michael wait!”

I didn’t care anymore, and I just wanted to be in the deepest, darkest woods I could find. I needed to think, and sort this all out.


To be continued tomorrow!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes V


We were both falling asleep, so we slid down the rocks, and lay underneath some pine trees close by. I had brought some blankets from the trunk of my car (I carry them because you’re supposed to in bad weather). We moved in close, under the two layers of blankets, and we were out like a light.

It was the beams of sunlight that woke us in the morning. My first thoughts were how cool it was to wake up next to a woman……even though, well you know……we never did anything. And then I looked at her, and well….her hair!

I had to look away, so I wouldn’t insult her with laughing. As you know her hair was always a mess, but after laying on the ground all night – I think she had a little bit of everything in there, and it was all pushed to one side! I saw leaves, pieces of twigs, dirt, and was that a beetle? I instinctively reached in and pulled out the offending intruder. Unfortunately, there were a couple of strands of hair with it. “Ow!” was her response.

She saw me staring, and said gruffly, “I know I look a mess, I’ll be right back.” After about 10 minutes of hearing her say, “Ouch!”, and “Ow!!” a few dozen times she came back looking better than I had ever seen her before. She still had both eyes covered though, one with the patch, and the other with long strands of her almost blonde hair.

So now we could both focus on the sun, and the newness of another day. She said softly, “Michael there’s more to this than just being extremely farsighted, and seeing well at night.” I looked at her waiting for more. She kept her eyes on the sun though. For a second I thought I saw something under her patch, but then she said, “Take my hand, and close your eyes.”

At first I didn’t see anything, but I had the sensation of floating. Michelle must have read my mind, because she said, “I will see for you…” And then I had the most wonderful, awe inspiring, and frightening experience of my life. We were flying – both of us, and I could see it all!

I could see the tops of the trees, and the mountain so clearly, it was as if we were in a 3D movie or a dream. Soaring with the wind in my wings……wait!!! Wings??? I yelled, “What is happening??” “God help me!!” And then suddenly I was falling.

And my day of adventure, was only just beginning.


To be continued this weekend!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning