Hawk Eyes XIX – Spreading My Wings


As I sat perched, high in a poplar tree, I could hear them coming from some distance away. Unmistakably the sound of humans, they were off the beaten path, and making their way through the brush. Were they poachers?

Michael and I had just reported some poachers hunting deer, the other day. It was so cool when the police caught them red-handed, in a remote parking lot! They had taken 5 deer. Michael said he loved seeing the shine of the handcuffs on those guys.

But no, these two were a couple, most likely taking a shortcut to the water falls. It was the end of June after all, and a lot more humans were in the forest now. As I watched them, I saw how cute they were together. Hiking boots, and walking sticks, backpacks, that were way too heavy. I started listening to them talk quietly as they put one foot in front of the other.

“John I don’t think this is the way……..we should have stayed on the trail.” But the guy said, “But if we keep walking east….I’m sure we’ll make it to the river…..” But the woman sounded frustrated when she mentioned, “John, these branches are tearing me to shreds!”

So that was it, they were lost! As best he could, the guy was clearing a path in front of them, but it was still tough going. I could see blood from scratches on their arms and legs. Ok, time for me to jump in.

I flew down, and landed on an eye level branch, very close – they couldn’t miss me… “John, a hawk…..look how beautiful she is!” With that encouragement I spread my wings, sitting there, perched on a branch. They both gasped.

I bobbed my head up and down, making some funny noises, and moved to a tree a little further away. Then I did the same thing, with the bobbing and noise making, and with my wings still outstretched. The woman said, “John, I think she wants us to follow her.”

And they did follow me. I led them all the way to the river, our river. I really felt like it belonged to Michael and I, even though no one can own nature. So much of our love, and our time, was spent here.

In a lot of ways our river was like our front porch. Just being together, without say anything is sometimes the best medicine. Medicine!

Thinking of medicine reminded me, I needed to head home and check on Michael. He has been injured lately, in one of our battles with the Dark Forest. A raven broad sided him, injuring his ribs. Michael didn’t have any problems burning that thing up, even though he was in a lot of pain.

We have had some horrific battles the past few days. And in addition to being in pain, my man has been down. Life lately, has not been all about frolicking in the forest, and making love, that’s for sure.

But the fact is, Michael and I are closer than ever now, and we will continue to fight the forces of darkness, with everything we’ve got.

Peace Out!



I hope you have enjoyed this series!


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Hawk Eyes XVIII – Discovering


Hey y’all! I’m going to keep this one shorter today because Michael and I are still on our honeymoon. Mornings are so different now. For one thing, Michael cooks breakfast for us (sigh). He is amazing with eggs and turkey sausage. But as I write this at home, Michael is distracting me!

Anyway! There is something else so different now, when we wake up together, which is hard to describe. A oneness, a closeness, perhaps a knowing, that we’ve never had before. Michael calls it a spiritual connection between us.

When we are not busy discovering each other, we transform ourselves into hawks, and practice bird languages outside. This is so cool! We perch ourselves on trees and listen at first, then we start singing and speaking to bluebirds, robins, and chickadees. Michael amazes me with his chickadee!

Seriously though, he is good, but he always struggles with trying to speak crow. I told him yesterday, “Michael please try to concentrate, this is so important!” “We need to understand their language, because we might need it when we fight the Dark Forest.”

I had him on that, and he knew it, so he just shook his head yes. He stopped making jokes about shaping our mouths.

And as we soar together, filling our wings, we are finding more of our gifts. Actually, I discovered one from a dream I had. We tried it the following day as we were flying. I can actually replicate myself, at least giving the allusion that there are dozens of hawks flying. I can only do this though, while airborne.

And Michael can fly incredibly fast without using his wings. I call it “turbo flying”. I have no idea how he does this, and he doesn’t either!

Michael discovered a gift by accident, that we both have. We were flying in different parts of the forest, and he said later that he could see what I was seeing. What!! And now I can do this too, both of us have practiced this for the last of couple of days. It takes a lot concentration though.

Well I gotta go now! Michael is inviting me to the stream nearby, which is my favorite place in the whole world!

I’ll tell you more about our lives as hawks – in a few days!

Peace Out.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes XVII – The Two Become One


So how do I describe our wedding night in a poetic way? No, I’m not the type to describe every kiss and maneuver! H’mm, but we were lost in each other, blending. The two as one spirit, and yet different. Space and time seemed annihilated. We were the ebb and flow of oceans.

Not bad for a Tom Boy, huh? Yeah, I grew up kind of rough, never liking guys until much later. And I certainly wasn’t looking for Mr. Right, and picket fences. That’s not me! But then maybe that was all preparation for now, and the life Michael and I were living.

Michael. Just his name makes my heart beat. As we stood on top of our mountain, making sure no one else was around, I had to confess to him, hoping he wouldn’t be angry with me. We were holding each other’s hands, looking into each other’s large hawk eyes, when I said, “Michael, I have a confession to make.” He said nothing but had questions in his eyes.

“Michael, when we first met, I was only acting weird, I wasn’t really…..well maybe a little.” “But sweetheart I followed you in to the bar that night……because I thought you might be like I am, and well, I wanted you to like me.” “To be honest Michael I was after you….in a good way though.”

The biggest smile came over his face. And you know what he said? He said, “I already figured that out – are you ready to say our pledges now?” I was floored.

It was a hot summer day, and sweat was beginning to pour off me, as we stood in the sunlight. All I could think about really ladies, was dipping into the cool mountain stream we both loved……. “Yes, My Love.” was all I could say. I made sure I said it in a sultry, whisper kind of way. Wink wink.

We actually pledged ourselves to each other twice that day. Once as humans, and once as hawks. And here is what we said to each other:

I pledge myself to you forever, to love you and cherish you, regardless of what battles we may face.

I will always be faithful to you, I will care for you, and take care of you when you’re sick. I will forsake all darkness, and fight with, not against you.

May we grow as a couple, and may we seek ways to love each other even more over time.

Until death do we part.


Kind of cool huh? So, after we both said this on our mountain top, we changed into hawks, and went to our favorite pine tree, repeating the same words, with slight variations.

Michael surprised me, when he jumped from the pine tree, and in midflight, changed into a human again, and landed in the river. “C’mon he yelled!” I spread my wings and landed on his shoulder. He gently presented his hand, and my talons grabbed hold, being careful not to squeeze too hard.

And when I changed into Michelle again, we gave each other our first kiss as a married couple, knee deep in the wonderful river we loved. Michael said it was symbolic somehow.

We took our time and made sure we enjoyed it!

Peace Out!



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes XVI – Dreaming

Red-tailed from Audubon

Hey – Michelle here again. So, when the talons of the magnificent eagle, sank into the demon-creature everything changed. No, I’m serious. The eagle made it look soo easy. He grabbed this creature from hell, or whatever it was by the shoulders, or where shoulders should be, and the battle in the air just sort of stopped.

There were only two hawks, and dozens of bluejays left flying around. And then the eagle lifted the demon thing in the air, it screamed worse than an injured animal. I’m sure people heard it for miles.

Michael’s fire – exterminating the portal of the Dark Forest, was still blazing, and in the far distance I could hear sirens. The eagle then carried the screaming demon-creature towards the fire Michael had created, and once it was close, I heard a booming voice, say in perfect English, “Michael, more fire!!”

Michael went for it, and as the screaming demon-creature was dropped into the blaze, Michael let loose with 2 more explosions, and streams of fire like I had never seen before. The flames easily reached 300 ft. in the air.

And then everything went quiet, except for the huge fire burning. Strangely the fire only burned the portal, and the ground underneath it. It never extended beyond that circle.

As I came in for a landing near Michael, he fainted. That was the only problem with using our gifts – they usually wiped us out in the way of energy. Our hawk friends came down too, out of concern. I explained he was going to be alright. I thanked them profusely, but in a dignified, and victorious manner!

As best as I could I thanked the bluejays, in their language, and they acted like it was no big deal. The robin language was always easier for me. Anyway, the bluejays were soon off in different directions, as the sirens got closer. The fire was dying down, but we needed to get out of there. Wait!

Where did the eagle go? I was twisting my hawk head all around, but it wasn’t anywhere. Was it really an eagle, or an angel, or what? I had no idea, but I needed to lift up my hero somehow, so we wouldn’t be picked up by the firefighters, or worse get sprayed with foam.

There’s something very cool about being able to change into a hawk and back into a human. And that’s what I needed here. As a human, I tore a piece of my jeans and made a sling to put Michael in, and slung him over my shoulder, and off into the forest we went.

I climbed as high as I could into a pine tree both of us loved, and tied Michael into place so he wouldn’t fall. Changing back into a hawk, I began listening to the sound of the river, our river, which put me to sleep in no time.

And for sure, I was dreaming of Michael……no not like that……ok well maybe a little like that, but mostly I was thinking of him not wanting to take the easy way, and just be a “couple.”

No, he wanted a pledge, a commitment. As weird as our life was right now – Michael wanted a marriage. I started dreaming of words we could say to each other…….and yep, I was in love now for sure. Even as a hawk – he is so handsome!

To be honest ladies…..I couldn’t wait…..well…… to be married!


More on the two of us, in a couple of days!

Peace Out!



Writing © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

image from Audubon via google

Hawk Eyes XV – Bluejays, Hawks, and an Eagle


Well, so much for romance! As Michael and I launched ourselves, we went straight into flow of ravens. “I count 15!” Michael yelled, but I could see more coming from the east. “Michael!” “Yep I see them…..3 more….listen – see if you can climb high and call for help.”

Michael continued to fly towards the east, where we thought the portal was, while I went up, ignoring the ravens for now. We both knew, that the portal needed to be shut down. Once I was high enough, I was yelling my head off, in the hawk language, “Help! We need help over here! Help!” “The Dark Forest has opened up!”.

Meanwhile, Michael was yelling in bluejay (yes the bluejay language) asking for help with fighting the ravens. Why bluejays? In addition to being beautiful, have you ever seen how nasty those birds are? Two of them can just about take down a raven, for sure!

And then I spotted it, and Michael coming up on it. The portal of strange rippling air with that weird hum they always make. But wait! What was that coming out of it just now? It was an ambiguous greyish, shapeless form, with two legs!

Whatever it was, I could sense that it was the worst sort of evil. I was about to yell to Michael about the creature, when dozens of bluejays came from every direction – and they were not there to play games! Each bluejay engaged the enemy as soon as they were close enough. It was awesome!

Flying above the fray of blue, black, and white feathers, I was trying to watch the creature, or demon, or whatever it was, so we wouldn’t lose sight of it, when I saw streams of fire from Michael, hit their target with deadly accuracy. Yes!! The portal was fully engulfed. Wahoo!!

I love how Michael does that. As a human, the fire will only come out of his right hand, but as a hawk, both wings can send enough fire to burn down a house. I began speeding up, and made myself invisible as I followed the demon creature. Meanwhile two of our hawk friends joined the bluejays in fighting the ravens.

I had trouble following the creature through the forest, but every once in a while, I saw its greyish form, and he was headed straight for the humans! There was a campsite not far away with several families, and because of my eyes, I could see some children playing. “Oh dear God!” I said out loud.

It was then that I heard two explosions in the area of the portal. And there was more fire. I never knew Michael could throw explosions too, but it made sense. I knew by now he was probably running out of energy, so I lifted a quick prayer, and turned again to follow the demon-creature.

Then one of the weirdest things I have ever seen, happened. As I was flying invisible, a shadow began to cover me, I mean cover me and then some. But the shadow, was unmistakably the shadow of wings. When I turned I saw the largest eagle anyone has ever seen, I’m sure of it.

It was easily 4 times the size of any eagle I had known. I quickly became visible, and moved out of its way. Did heaven hear my prayer?

Chills ran up and down my spine, as I saw this magnificent eagle, with talons extended, heading straight for the demon-creature.

Don’t be mad at me ladies…… but God I love a good fight!


I’ll tell you the rest in a couple of days!

Peace Out!



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes XI – Flying Solo


I don’t remember much after that, other than it was really weird being able to walk and talk, see, taste, and feel, but I couldn’t see where……where my self was. I could feel Michelle’s hand and she said, “We need to stay connected for this to work….so keep holding on.”

So I did hold on. I vaguely remember Michelle say something important though, “Michael are you listening?” I told her yes, and shook my head, then remembered she couldn’t see that. “Michael…..this is important…..are you listening?” I said it again only louder this time, “Yes!! I’m listening!” “Shhh, not so loud.”

“Michael this is science, not magic…..we don’t practice magic, it is all a matter of physics, and chemistry!” I said nothing because I was falling asleep or maybe passing out.

I woke up the next morning tangled in some kind of web, and couldn’t move! Wait, I was stuck under a pile of blankets…..and well um…..Michelle and I were a mass of interconnected arms and legs. I managed to maneuver her limbs to the side and rolled her over. She was sleeping like a log. Did you know women can snore too?

Anyway, I remembered her saying that using our gifts would wear us out, so I thought she would be out for a while. The sun had been up, and I guessed it was past 9 o’clock. There was no sign of the raven, or of anything evil as I scanned the sky. And I couldn’t sense anything evil on the ground either.

Sooo, I had this wild idea of practicing my flying. For some reason I combed my hair first, looked back at Michelle, and closed my eyes concentrating – and then bam, like that I was a hawk! I jumped up on some rocks, started flapping my wings while running for all I was worth, and it worked!!!

I was flying, first down the mountain, over the river and then back up again. I flew over Michelle several times and decided to land in a pine tree next where she was, but flexed my talons first. Men, I can only describe flying this way, it’s about 1,000 times better than riding a motorcycle!

Sitting high in the pines, I watched her sleeping. Yeah, I admit it, I was starting to fall for her. Somehow, I knew we were made for each other. But I started thinking – do we get married? I mean who would marry a couple like us? Do we just stand on top of a mountain and pledge ourselves to each other, in front of God and everybody?

And it went more than just skin deep, it had to in our case. My thinking was all over the place, when I saw her begin to stir, so I flew down, and around and landed, quickly changing back to a human again. When she was almost awake, I kissed her lightly on the cheek. Yep, that did it, she was wide awake now, and said my name so beautifully I thought I would turn to melting wax, “Michael”, as she beamed from ear to ear.

I sat next to her, and she said, “Hey you were great…..last night!” I stammered, with my heart beating about a hundred miles an hour. “I was???” Then she punched my arm, and laughed, “Had you goin there for a minute – didn’t I?”

I got her back though, on the way back to our home. Yep, “our home”.

In a couple of days, I’ll share more about the two of us.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes VIII – Delivered by Fire


Hey, this is Michelle. Yeah, I like the guy. I’m not going to lie, but that’s not what I was thinking about as I was flying above, where he disappeared. I was certain the Dark Forest had lured him in, knowing he was a hawk, and intending to destroy him! They or it, took advantage of him being angry, and not really paying attention to the portal opening and then closing behind him.

Projecting my voice to warn him only worked briefly. Maybe the evil forces of the forest blocked my communicating with him, but I was praying now, hoping he would make it out of there. There was so much he needed to learn, and so far I hadn’t had a chance to explain. Mostly he needed to understand why, and how he was so special.

And then I thought I saw something moving, near the edge, where the trees emptied out into a large meadow. There! It was a wave of air, sort of…….bending…..and moving, and as I swooped down transforming back into a human, I landed about a 100 feet in front of it. For some reason, I could feel heat. I had never been inside of the Dark Forest before, but I knew this was weird.

And then it opened! It was a portal filled with raging fire! I put my arms up to protect my face, because  the heat now, was intense. And then I saw him, running towards me as he pushed through the opening, with his right hand in the air, and a large knife in his left. The strength of his legs pumping at full speed, and his face filled with determination, were amazing. He was magnificent!

He stumbled as soon as he was through, got up and ran towards me. I could see he was burned, hair singed, skin all red, clothing was burning and falling off. “Michael!!” I yelled as the portal closed. I yelled for him to roll on the ground to put out some of the fire still clinging to him.

After we both knew he was ok, he said, “Let’s get outta here!” and I helped him up. But I looked him square in the face and asked, “Where did the fire come from?” He hesitated, but said quietly, “From me, it seems I can throw fire around now……kind of easily too. It comes in streams though…..”

I was shocked. I was so surprised, my legs gave out and I sat down right there. “What?” he said, just staring at me. “It means you’re a lot more special, than I realized.”

A few minutes later I was helping him walk, with one arm under one of his arms. “After dipping you in a cold stream I’m taking you back to my place.” I said. He asked, “You live up here?” I just shook my head yes.

Along the way I shared briefly why we were made hawks, and that we were up against some pretty tough dark forces. He just listened.

I will tell you he really likes my place, high up in the mountains. That’s always helpful, wink, wink!

Peace out.


I’ll share more of our story in a couple of days,



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning