Hawk Eyes VII – The Dark Forest


Now, I want you to understand that I know these trails, these mountains, like the back of my hand. No, I’m serious, I’ve been walking them for years every weekend. But for some reason I didn’t really notice when it all began to change. I had too much on my mind I guess.

And at the top of my unresolved list, was that I would never have a romantic relationship again. Ok, in guy terms, I would never make love again. With my hawk eyes, normal women would freak out, and the only woman like me was Michelle. Besides having worse looking, and uglier hawk eyes than me, she was so weird!

I was fuming, but I stopped dead in my tracks when I came up on a stream that had never been there before. And the plants, the underbrush was all different. I had never seen some of them before! I kept going though, wanting a place so remote no one would ever find me. But then I noticed the sky.

It was not just grey now, but there was no sun either, I mean anywhere. To be honest there were no clouds either! I also began hearing the trees making a weird noise. I thought, “What the heck is this place!” It was about this time I heard Michelle calling me again.

“Michael!” I turned in every direction but did not see her. “Where are you?” I asked. “Michael, you need to get out of there, you’ve gone too far!” Now when she said that, I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I figured she just wanted me to be with her, going through “transformations” or something else weird.

But she got my attention when she said, “Michael I’m projecting my voice because you’ve gone into the Dark Forest……it’s like…..well…. another dimension, sort of. And Michael they hate hawk people……like you and I!!” It was then that the trees began moving towards me, and vines and underbrush, started going for my legs!

This wasn’t adding up, but I ain’t stupid. “Michelle everything is moving in against me – how do I get out of here?!” She told me to look at the trail that I had been on, “And Michael follow that trail for about 30 minutes – if you need to – run!”

I pulled my large hunting knife off my belt, and high-tailed it back the way I came, at least the best that I could. It was only noon, but this forest was growing darker, and a deep fog was moving in. “Oh man!!” I took off, but a vine got my right ankle and twisted itself around it, so down I went. My knife was the only thing that saved me as I slashed it off.

I heard Michelle again, “Michael, I will explain everything once you get back here…..but pleeeeease get back here!!” I wanted to yell, “I’m trying!!” but there was no time. As I took off running again a tree branch slapped me in the face. It hurt like hell, and now I was getting angry, but I kept running.

I knew I wasn’t going to make it but I had a thought. Isn’t wasn’t Michelle’s voice, I know it was my own brain saying the word “fire”. Somehow, I knew fire would bring me to safety, and deep within I knew I could throw my hand up, and burn this place to the ground.

I felt stupid, but I held up my right hand as I was running (with my knife in my left hand) as the forest continued to move in I yelled, “Fire!!!!”. And sure enough, fire streamed behind me, and above my head. I heard screams of pain behind me, but I kept running. There was no time for freaking out.

To be continued in a few days, and the next segment will be told by Michelle!


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Hawk Eyes VI


I must have passed out, because I don’t remember anything before the two of us hit the ground, with a huge thud. The strange thing was, we were right back where we started. Was it a vision, or had we really turned into hawks?

To be honest, I couldn’t think straight, I was in too much pain, and as I rolled around moaning, unable to get up, I was vaguely aware of Michelle yelling at me. “What the hell is wrong with you?!!” “You almost killed both of us?!!” But her voice seemed distant and I had a ringing in my ears, so I ignored her.

As I began sitting up, she was still yelling, “You never give up, in the middle of a transformation!!” I shook my head trying to think, “A transfor…..what?” It was then that Michelle stood over me, with both hands on her hips. She said, “Trans-for-ma-tion.”, as if I needed to hear it slower. And then she did something I would never forget, and to be honest I wish she hadn’t done it.

She looked down at me and flipped up her eye patch. And when she saw my look of shock, and my jaw drop, she swept her almost blonde hair back, from the other eye. I couldn’t help myself, I turned to my right (away from her) and vomited like a big dog.

She had stared hard at me with the most hideous eyes I had ever seen. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, she had two of the strangest, and ugliest hawk eyes. She said nothing as I emptied my gut of every fragment of anything. Not looking at her, I eventually made it to my feet and covered my vomit with dirt.

What I did not know at the time, was that my reaction to her eyes, really hurt her feelings deeply. Tears were streaming down her face. But I didn’t know that, because I wasn’t looking at her any more. I looked around at the ground and started gathering my backpack, and the rest of my belongings. I also grabbed one of the blankets, and headed back down the trail. “Where are you going?” she asked. I mumbled, “I’m outta here.”

The only thing I wanted, was to be away from this whole mess, hawk eyes, wings, transformation – I was done! And that included Michelle. Stumbling, hurting, sick, and angry, I headed back towards the car, but at the last second, I decided on a side trail. Actually, it wasn’t a trail at all, but it was a path the deer often travelled.

I walked for hours, vaguely aware of a shadow of wings, following me. When I saw the shadow covering me, I knew instantly it was her. And it was if I could hear in my mind, Michelle’s voice calling me, “Michael wait!”

I didn’t care anymore, and I just wanted to be in the deepest, darkest woods I could find. I needed to think, and sort this all out.


To be continued tomorrow!


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Hawk Eyes V


We were both falling asleep, so we slid down the rocks, and lay underneath some pine trees close by. I had brought some blankets from the trunk of my car (I carry them because you’re supposed to in bad weather). We moved in close, under the two layers of blankets, and we were out like a light.

It was the beams of sunlight that woke us in the morning. My first thoughts were how cool it was to wake up next to a woman……even though, well you know……we never did anything. And then I looked at her, and well….her hair!

I had to look away, so I wouldn’t insult her with laughing. As you know her hair was always a mess, but after laying on the ground all night – I think she had a little bit of everything in there, and it was all pushed to one side! I saw leaves, pieces of twigs, dirt, and was that a beetle? I instinctively reached in and pulled out the offending intruder. Unfortunately, there were a couple of strands of hair with it. “Ow!” was her response.

She saw me staring, and said gruffly, “I know I look a mess, I’ll be right back.” After about 10 minutes of hearing her say, “Ouch!”, and “Ow!!” a few dozen times she came back looking better than I had ever seen her before. She still had both eyes covered though, one with the patch, and the other with long strands of her almost blonde hair.

So now we could both focus on the sun, and the newness of another day. She said softly, “Michael there’s more to this than just being extremely farsighted, and seeing well at night.” I looked at her waiting for more. She kept her eyes on the sun though. For a second I thought I saw something under her patch, but then she said, “Take my hand, and close your eyes.”

At first I didn’t see anything, but I had the sensation of floating. Michelle must have read my mind, because she said, “I will see for you…” And then I had the most wonderful, awe inspiring, and frightening experience of my life. We were flying – both of us, and I could see it all!

I could see the tops of the trees, and the mountain so clearly, it was as if we were in a 3D movie or a dream. Soaring with the wind in my wings……wait!!! Wings??? I yelled, “What is happening??” “God help me!!” And then suddenly I was falling.

And my day of adventure, was only just beginning.


To be continued this weekend!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes II


Well, after Janet ran out and I talked to the police about her screaming, (don’t ask me about the story I made up) I was bummed out, and I decided to go out for the night. I’m not a drinker really, but I needed to be around people. And as long as I covered my eyes, I knew I would be ok.

Mack’s Pub was one of those places that men and women could meet each other. And there was never an atmosphere of pressure, it was always relaxed. You could be real with people, and not cover up who you really were. Well except for me, having the eyes of a bird of prey.

Everything was going well, until a certain lady, ok wait, I’m not sure if she was a lady, but she was a woman for sure. Anyway, she made a grand entrance when she opened the door, and yelled openly, “Hey!!” Everyone turned to look, and then she yelled, “I’m here now!” Without missing a beat, she walked up to the bar, and sat down just a few seats from me. I was praying she wouldn’t talk to me.

Mostly she was just bizarre looking. For one thing, she had a patch over one eye, and some messed up hair, like I had never seen before, covering the other eye. Did she even own a hairbrush? Or was that the style? And she kept mumbling to herself, while drinking her mug of beer.

And when she looked over my way, through her patch sizing me up, it was just way too much for me. I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything, but my hopes were dashed when she said, “I know who you are…..and I saw you out on the ridge yesterday.”

I inwardly panicked, but didn’t say anything. “Yep” she said. “That was you crossing over the stream, looking at your shadow, alright.” Was it true that she had seen me? I really had crossed the stream, just before I had seen the crime take place, down in the valley, and just before I called the police.

That had been my big surprise I wanted to share with Janet, before she took off running, and screaming. I could see far away, and I could turn it into something good! But now the one-eyed lady, with the messed up hair, cozied up to me at the bar, and repeated that she knew who I was.

I hated to do it, but I felt I had no choice. Just as she was moving in, and about to touch my arm, I turned to her, and lifted up my dark shades, praying no one else would see my eyes. Her jaw dropped, she said nothing, but she fainted and sprawled out on the floor.

In the noise and commotion, I slipped through the crowd. And this was probably the first time ever, I was glad not to be popular, with the ladies.


To be continued this weekend.


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Hawk Eyes


About a month later, I was back home on the east coast, hiding my eyes from those that knew me. My eyes had changed, I mean they really looked different. And I didn’t want anyone I knew, to start asking a lot of questions. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize who I was anymore. Comparing what I saw in the mirror, with what I could find on the internet, I had the eyes of a bird of prey.

I had a sales job, so I could do a lot of that over the phone. If I did need to go to a client’s business, I simply wore dark sunglasses. I figured that wouldn’t last for long though. When customers want to buy a product, they want to be able to trust you, and that meant eye contact.

So most days I could get by, but the most difficult part was staying away from my sometimes girlfriend, Janet. She would call me almost every day, sometimes several times in a day, and I would always make excuses for not seeing her. If she would pushed too hard, and say she was coming over, I would pull my “I’m not feeling well” card. Yeah, I know it was a lie, and I hated telling her that, but I wasn’t ready for her to see me.

I spent a lot of time in the mountains trying to figure all this out. I hiked the trails, went into some of the deep forest. But whether I was walking or sitting on a tree stump, I was mostly thinking. Ok I was praying and thinking. Some people hate when you bring faith into anything, or say a word like “prayer”. But I prayed asking God, what in the heck this was, why “hawk eyes”?

I never got an answer, well not right away. I was kind of excited once I did find part of the reason. So I called Janet up, and invited her to an adventure. “Hey Janet, can you come over with your hiking boots?” “I want to go up in the mountains with you, and show you something I found.” She hesitated, “Are you sure you’re up to this Michael?” That was an honest question, since I had been lying to her about not feeling well. I swore to myself I would tell her the truth soon, and said yes, I was ready.

Once she made it to my apartment I knew I needed to tell her everything. I had my darkest shades on when I answered the door. We hugged, and she made her way to my lips with hers, but she reached to remove the glasses, so I pulled away. She said, “What is it sweetheart??”

I went for it. “Janet, something happened to me in the mountains out west……I’m not sure why, but I can see really far now…..I mean real far, like a hawk kind of far…” She looked dumbfounded, and waited. “And Janet my eyes, they even look different.”

Then I took off the dark shades, but I was not prepared for what happened next. She screamed so loud, and for so long, it was like she was had just seen a murder. She then ran out the door, leaving it open, and I never saw her again after that.

And someone did call the police, so I had some explaining to do.


To be continued, early next week.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

The Sword of Talon – Epilogue


She leaned over and whispered softly into his ear, “husband…….” When he did not stir, she touched his hair gently and whispered again, “husband….” His only response was to let some mumbles slip out of his mouth and to utter, “H’mmm?”

“It’s time my love, it’s time……for the baby……to be born….” He jumped up at this with a start, threw on his pants and started calling out loudly for the servants, while the Queen tried to calm him down, saying, “Shhh!” But she sank down quickly into the bed when another wave of pain took over.

Once Queen Natasha was moved to the birthing room she was attended by Lorissa, and a group of healers, along with several midwives. This gave Jonathan, who was now a Duke, plenty of time to pace up and down, and to think over the past several months.

He was carrying the Sword of Talon on his side, as he paced. He was the only one that could touch the mystical weapon besides his wife, without being injured. He still didn’t understand how that worked, even though she had explained it to him. “The Sword and I spoke…”, she had said, “….and because of you and I having a heart connection, the Sword agreed to be used by you also.” She further explained that in many ways the Sword saw the two of them as one.

Hours went by, and he continued to pace more anxiously by the moment. He decided to send for the Bishop – the new Bishop. Now here was a man that everyone could love, in spite of him being a bit odd. He would talk to the birds and sing outside, calling aspects of nature his brothers and sisters, but he was filled with love.

It wasn’t long after the Bishop arrived, and had prayed for a safe delivery…..that the baby was born. He was a healthy baby boy, and when Jonathan went into see his wife, they both wept with joy.

Once the Bishop was allowed in, he blessed the family, and they all, including the healers and midwives, they all prayed the “Our Father.” The snow from the night before made the scene even more beautiful.

And what was the baby’s name? Well, he was named after the Bishop, because he was the first religious leader that they ever loved and respected. In fact the Bishop became a good friend.

There were many trials to overcome over the years, and the Bishop was right there, each time, praying, and offering advice if he was asked.

The Bishop’s name? Francis…..of course.


I hope you have enjoyed this series.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest

The Sword of Talon – The Victory of Light


Part 18 of the Sword of Talon Series 

There were so many things the Bishop confessed, that the men around him were completely disgusted, and they unsheathed their swords to take his head. But they never had a chance. The battle had come to a complete stop, as the enemy forces covered their faces from the blinding light.

And as the Bishop was about to be executed by his own men, thousands of rays of light, each one targeting the chest, the very being of each enemy soldier, landed.

And the truth came out of each mouth, in confession of their sins. There was no noise, other than the mumbling of confession. Some wept, and many sunk to their knees, or lay prostrate in the mud. And the Birds of Prey hovered quietly with tears in their eyes. They knew it was always good when humans repented.

And one by one, the enemy soldiers turned and left the battlefield. And the Sword stopped its rays of truth, the light of 10,000 suns. The Captain of the Guard lowered The Sword of Talon, as it still hummed loudly, turning to a muted orange. “Thank God”, was all he could say under his breath.

Always protective, the Captain of the Guard stood there watching, and as a sign that the battle had been won. Suddenly he realized there were no dead bodies on the field, and he could not even make out any blood – anywhere.

Were they healed, and then they walked away? He could not tell. Clearly though it was the light that had done the miracle.

And there was no Bishop anymore, there was no evil Viscount. They simply vanished, and no one ever saw them again – anywhere. The Duke of Carfa did survive, but he went back to his own land which became filled with strife. Some say his lands were cursed, and he quickly lost his fortune.

Queen Natasha woke briefly while the Captain sheathed the Sword of Talon, moving quickly to go down and see her. But Lorissa the healer, had given her a strong drink, which made her sleep. And Lorissa had to smile when she saw the Captain’s face. He was filled with concern, and she knew love when she saw it. And well….he was not bad looking either.

The Queen and the Captain would have to wait to embrace, but in the meantime, Queen Natasha was dreaming of him carrying her to the coast, where they would watch the ocean together, and the Sea Hawks…….and her spirit would be revived…….


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest