A Spiritual Renewal


I have been on a spiritual renewal quest, so I’ve not been writing fiction. The renewal was needed and is still going on, even though I am not in a different place physically. I’ve been spending a lot more time reading, and in prayer.

Fiction is not that popular in the blogging world, but I love to write in many different ways, and so I will continue here. I thank for your support and patience.

I’ve decided to let go of the series I was writing, “I Am River”. I was trying something different, and it didn’t seem to work. But that’s OK. You live and learn.

I can tell you that Dan and Stephanie did eventually get married. Life was not always easy, but they lived a life of love.

I will post a new piece here this weekend. My fiction will run as a series, for the most part, for 2-4 chapters each.

Thanks again. Peace to you.


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