Hawk Eyes XIV – He Amazes Me


Hey everyone, this is Michelle. Ladies, I’m not sure how to describe this but there is nothing…….I mean nothing……like flying with your guy, wingtip to wingtip!

About a week after Michael moved in, the two of us were soaring…..and I remember that day because I had more than the wind, filling my wings. I was more amazed everyday with this guy!

Why do we ladies do that? It’s like…… each time he floored me with a look or something he said, I was stunned, caught in like…..suspended animation or something. Time stood still, and then suddenly kicked in again.

Anyway, we had just visited with some hawk friends, yes you heard right, we have friends that are hawks. They do know all about us, that we are humans sometimes, and they help us with our speaking and understanding the hawk language.

I was so proud of Michael! I know some of our ability is natural, genetic for sure, but it is still a language we are learning. And Michael has such a wonderful accent. I would say……it’s ancient……or maybe more classical, than any other bird of prey that I’ve heard.

On the way back, we flew much higher than normal and the view! Michael said, “Let’s practice our diving!” And off he went, his powerful wings folded, head down, speeding straight for the earth! Like I said….he amazes me now.

After a few dives, he invited me to one of our favorite rivers. By the way, when we are hawks, we can only speak the hawk language, but we can understand humans. And the reverse is true too, when we are humans we can understand hawk, but we’re not able to speak it. It has to do with biology and the shape of our mouths.

Anyway, we landed on one of our favorite branches, right next to the river. His voice was low, but in perfect hawk he said, “Michelle you know I love you…..and I was thinking……that maybe, no maybe……I know – it’s time we made us even stronger.

My hawk heart was pounding about a hundred miles an hour! I want you all to know that Michael and I well…..we weren’t  completely a couple. Ok, I’ll just say it, we hadn’t consummated yet!

Michael continued, “I have no idea how we could be married……but here, or maybe on the top of our mountain, we could pledge ourselves to each other.” I was all over it ladies! “Of course of My Love!” came out so quick, it surprised even me.

I was about to say more, but he moved in close, and I leaned over, placing my beak in the feathers of his neck. We were silent for a while, just listening to each other breathe. Then we heard something, felt it deep in our spirits, we both sat up. Michael yelled, “A portal opening!”

We could sense the evil of the Dark Forest, trying to tear open the air. And then I screamed, “Michael look! Ravens!”

To be continued by me, Michelle.

Peace Out!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning


Hawk Eyes VI


I must have passed out, because I don’t remember anything before the two of us hit the ground, with a huge thud. The strange thing was, we were right back where we started. Was it a vision, or had we really turned into hawks?

To be honest, I couldn’t think straight, I was in too much pain, and as I rolled around moaning, unable to get up, I was vaguely aware of Michelle yelling at me. “What the hell is wrong with you?!!” “You almost killed both of us?!!” But her voice seemed distant and I had a ringing in my ears, so I ignored her.

As I began sitting up, she was still yelling, “You never give up, in the middle of a transformation!!” I shook my head trying to think, “A transfor…..what?” It was then that Michelle stood over me, with both hands on her hips. She said, “Trans-for-ma-tion.”, as if I needed to hear it slower. And then she did something I would never forget, and to be honest I wish she hadn’t done it.

She looked down at me and flipped up her eye patch. And when she saw my look of shock, and my jaw drop, she swept her almost blonde hair back, from the other eye. I couldn’t help myself, I turned to my right (away from her) and vomited like a big dog.

She had stared hard at me with the most hideous eyes I had ever seen. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, she had two of the strangest, and ugliest hawk eyes. She said nothing as I emptied my gut of every fragment of anything. Not looking at her, I eventually made it to my feet and covered my vomit with dirt.

What I did not know at the time, was that my reaction to her eyes, really hurt her feelings deeply. Tears were streaming down her face. But I didn’t know that, because I wasn’t looking at her any more. I looked around at the ground and started gathering my backpack, and the rest of my belongings. I also grabbed one of the blankets, and headed back down the trail. “Where are you going?” she asked. I mumbled, “I’m outta here.”

The only thing I wanted, was to be away from this whole mess, hawk eyes, wings, transformation – I was done! And that included Michelle. Stumbling, hurting, sick, and angry, I headed back towards the car, but at the last second, I decided on a side trail. Actually, it wasn’t a trail at all, but it was a path the deer often travelled.

I walked for hours, vaguely aware of a shadow of wings, following me. When I saw the shadow covering me, I knew instantly it was her. And it was if I could hear in my mind, Michelle’s voice calling me, “Michael wait!”

I didn’t care anymore, and I just wanted to be in the deepest, darkest woods I could find. I needed to think, and sort this all out.


To be continued tomorrow!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes II


Well, after Janet ran out and I talked to the police about her screaming, (don’t ask me about the story I made up) I was bummed out, and I decided to go out for the night. I’m not a drinker really, but I needed to be around people. And as long as I covered my eyes, I knew I would be ok.

Mack’s Pub was one of those places that men and women could meet each other. And there was never an atmosphere of pressure, it was always relaxed. You could be real with people, and not cover up who you really were. Well except for me, having the eyes of a bird of prey.

Everything was going well, until a certain lady, ok wait, I’m not sure if she was a lady, but she was a woman for sure. Anyway, she made a grand entrance when she opened the door, and yelled openly, “Hey!!” Everyone turned to look, and then she yelled, “I’m here now!” Without missing a beat, she walked up to the bar, and sat down just a few seats from me. I was praying she wouldn’t talk to me.

Mostly she was just bizarre looking. For one thing, she had a patch over one eye, and some messed up hair, like I had never seen before, covering the other eye. Did she even own a hairbrush? Or was that the style? And she kept mumbling to herself, while drinking her mug of beer.

And when she looked over my way, through her patch sizing me up, it was just way too much for me. I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything, but my hopes were dashed when she said, “I know who you are…..and I saw you out on the ridge yesterday.”

I inwardly panicked, but didn’t say anything. “Yep” she said. “That was you crossing over the stream, looking at your shadow, alright.” Was it true that she had seen me? I really had crossed the stream, just before I had seen the crime take place, down in the valley, and just before I called the police.

That had been my big surprise I wanted to share with Janet, before she took off running, and screaming. I could see far away, and I could turn it into something good! But now the one-eyed lady, with the messed up hair, cozied up to me at the bar, and repeated that she knew who I was.

I hated to do it, but I felt I had no choice. Just as she was moving in, and about to touch my arm, I turned to her, and lifted up my dark shades, praying no one else would see my eyes. Her jaw dropped, she said nothing, but she fainted and sprawled out on the floor.

In the noise and commotion, I slipped through the crowd. And this was probably the first time ever, I was glad not to be popular, with the ladies.


To be continued this weekend.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Henry Vu and the Praying Man II


Bob turned with a start, then sat back in the pew. Bob never asked how Henry knew his name but maybe he felt that God was answering his prayer, or maybe he was just too filled with grief to notice. Bob decided though to put the young Asian priest to the test with, “Can you help me to die?” “I’m sick of living.”

Henry sat down next him in the pew, and after a long pause decided not to answer the question, but he went straight for the heart of the matter, “Grief can be a terrible thing, and it will take us down completely……if we let it.” Bob seemed surprised and asked, “You know???”

“About grief? Yes, too much in fact……but why don’t you tell me your story.” Henry shifted and turned, trying to get comfortable on the wooden benches. Tears involuntarily began flowing down Bob’s face, but they were tears from many different emotions twisted and swirling.

Bob did open up, perhaps because they were sitting in a church. He shared about the horrible pain and treatments his wife went through, but more than that he explained about the fear. For years he was always afraid of her dying, or of her suffering. He hated seeing her in pain, and yet there was nothing he could do. He did pray of course, but over time his faith faded away.

“And……well……I didn’t want to touch her……you know.” Bob looked at the floor embarrassed, and fortunately Henry picked up on what he meant. “You mean intimacy?” Henry asked in a low voice. Bob shook his head yes, and continued, “Yeah, I was afraid of the pain…..the sickness that was taking over……and of hurting her even more.”

Henry shook his head with understanding, and mentioned, “Bob this is completely normal, there’s no need to feel embarrassed.” He continued, “In fact you were being the compassionate husband that you are, the man God created you to be……and you were hurting too, in unbelievable ways…..”

His voice trailed off, but Henry through his own tears, now streaming down his face, noticed a change taking place with Bob. Was it hope he was beginning to see?

As the candles in the sanctuary flickered, Henry searched for more encouragement to speak into Bob’s life.


To be continued.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest

The Child of the Two Seers


The Conclusion of the Sacred Mountain Series

It wasn’t an easy delivery. There was the normal screaming and pain of any childbirth, but this day was different. Something was taking place that was hard to define.

The Farm People were deep in meditation, and each one sensed something special was taking place, a type of energy shifting, that could be felt even in the soil.

And sky was noticeably different. The blue was much deeper, with the brilliance of the sun piercing through the momentary clouds passing by. Unknown to the Farm people, even the Great Sea came alive with waves of foam leaping. Was it joy the creation was feeling?

Yanu Alunai did feel joy, as she assisted with the birth of the child from the 2 Seers. She knew the planet was indeed rejoicing. For the first time since the beginning of the planet, there was freedom from the evil one. And now this new life…..

And the raw power of the 2 Seers was sometimes overwhelming, but in a positive way. The leader of the Farm People often sensed their love for each other, even without seeing them. She never said anything about it, but she could often see ripples in the air visible, with green and blue surrounding them.

Seth was constantly by Gem’s side now, holding her hand, helping her to breathe. When he couldn’t stand the pain she was going through, he stepped out and paced in front their home, while Yanu Alunai took a turn coaching Gem and holding her hand.

In the twilight of evening, a strange and beautiful blue air surrounded the village, and hung over them as Gem let out a final scream, and pushed with all her might.

And the girl that was born that evening brought even more love, into everyone’s hearts. The Farm People bowed to her spirit, realizing she was much more than anyone could possibly imagine……blue was her color……. which meant she would even blend with the sky itself…..


I hope you have enjoyed this series! I sure did enjoy writing it. In the future some shorter pieces of fiction.

Thank you!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest

It Was the Sun that Brought Them Back


Part 26 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It was as if the two of them were floating, traveling within their dreams. In the bright sunlight, they felt themselves moving high above the treetops, and heading towards the Great Sea. The sea and the sky became one, clouds and water within a mist, washing them.

They were lost in this other world, but it was not unpleasant. Floating brought peace, and there was no time here, just the moving through the mist of blue and water.

But as they moved through this other world, the sun pierced through, and began shining on their faces. And as they returned to their bodies, the warmth brought back their spirits, and woke them, as if from a very deep sleep.

The sun, shining through the branches of a tree, was the first thing they saw. Seth sat up first and then Gem, and they knew instantly they were in a different place. Or was it a different time? It was hard to tell. There was no evil, in fact, they sensed nothing, other than the goodness of the creation.

There was no battlefield, no barren land made of rocks and sand, and there was not even the cave of darkness, that they had seen for months before. There was nothing but green fields, and the magnificent trees of the grasslands and foothills.

They looked at each other, still trying to absorb what had taken place, then each realized they were grateful to be alive. They embraced and sighed deeply but said nothing.

Enjoying their bodies once again they decided to walk, in what they thought was the right direction. Gem instinctively rubbed her stomach, remembering there was a new life growing. She smiled, and smiled even more when she noticed Seth staring at her.

It took 3 days of walking before they found anyone. They had no idea that all of the farm people and warriors had been worrying about them, not being able to sense they were still alive.

When the land began to look familiar, they realized they were close to the Farm Village they knew so well. They held hands again, as they had done often since being awakened. But still, neither one had said anything yet, communicating instead with their eyes.

When they were crested the hill near the village, they were shocked that there was no village. It had all been swept away in the war.

Instead there were hundreds, no thousands of Farm People and warriors, mulling around, and looking as if they were waiting. Had they gathered to wait for Gem and Seth?

The people gasped, and tears began to stream down their faces, as each turned toward the 2 young Seers. And in one magnificent motion, they went to their knees, giving honor. Never had their world seen 2 Seers, and never had they seen anyone, filled with so much light.

Seth whispered, “I wish they wouldn’t do that…..”


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest

The Beginning of a New Light


Part 25 of the Sacred Mountain Series

It was dawn of the next day when the army of encroaching evil surrounded the Farm People’s village. Each creature was hideous looking and hissing, seething with an arrogance fueled by death itself. But Gem and Seth were already far away, and traveling very quickly through nature, having blended.

They were headed straight for the territory of the evil one, even his home. For months they had seen the dark cave, encased in unrelenting evil. From what they could tell, they were invisible to him when they became one with the trees and rocks, and soil, and when they flowed with the rivers. But as soon as they became humans again he would see them and attack.

The first wave of creatures pounced on the village expecting to destroy life, and to eat the remains, but as they jumped on and conquered each dwelling, destroying it completely – no one was there! There was tremendous confusion, and angry snarls, as one after the other discovered – the village was empty!

Gem and Seth had hidden the Farm People far away, within the protection of the nature. And their whereabouts were only known by a handful of faithful warriors. Plus nearly every Farm Village was alerted and took similar measures. Many were surrounded by warrior clans. Warriors had been made many generations ago by the Creator, for the sole purpose of protecting the gentle, and loving Farm People.

And now as Gem and Seth drew close to the cave, the home of the evil one they noticed the environment was different. The dark grey clouds above seem to the stirring the air of many generations of evil. Through the branches and leaves they saw fields barren except for rock and sand.

With a gust of air the two gasped and saw the evil one himself, more hideous than anything they had ever seen. It seemed confused as it was relaying information to the evil army destroying the village. Gem and Seth could hear some of the chatter through the air.

The thing was easily 10 times the size of the spider creatures, and only vaguely looked like a spider. It could not be defined really. It was also surrounded by 3 other creatures that were similar, only smaller. Gem whispered, “It is time.”

The Seer Jannis had told them that if the evil one was killed, all of the cursed ones, the spider creatures, would be destroyed. And each cursed soul would be set free. But the evil one could only be killed by arrows from the Living Bows, which they carried.

Within seconds Gem and Seth rotated out of a group of trees, loading and pointing their bows towards the enemy. Sensing their presence, the presence of love and purity, and sensing the Living Bows, the horrible thing faced them, and released a volley of webbing as two arrows headed straight for its face. Gem and Seth were able to reload in a blur before the webbing reach them.

Screams from the evil one echoed for miles as the flaming arrows pierced it. It sat back roaring with anger and screaming with pain. Its webbing covered the 2 young Seers, but Gem thought she could release the one arrow in her bow.

The evil one was on fire, but it was the heart that needed to be pierced to kill it. Seth’s bow had been pushed up and he knew he could not break the bonds of the webbing. Gem took a deep breath and let her arrow fly through the webbing.

It was a perfect hit, as the arrow exploded into the heart of the evil one. It was in the midst of a series of horrific explosions that the dark sky seemed to burst with fire and light. The planet shook. All villages and their people felt the shaking…..

And the 2 Seers passed out…..


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest