Hawk Eyes XII – Our Home


Ok I admit it, I did put a toad down the back of her shirt on the way home. She screamed, she jumped, she took her shirt off. But then she got angry, chased me and yelled, “You dog!” She caught me too, tried tickling me, but I’m not ticklish. Ok….well that’s not entirely true.

Anyway, I’m getting distracted, telling you about our journey back home. Besides the rolling around and laughing our heads off, I asked Michelle a lot of questions. One of them was, “Hey Michelle, are all crows filled with evil?” She said, “Not crows Michael, ravens!” “You mean there’s a difference??”

I learned more about nature that day, than I have at any point in my life. She told me, “Ravens are much larger than crows, and many have decided to join the dark forces.” “And crows, there’re too selfish to think of anything but themselves….so they don’t choose sides.” I said, “I had no idea…”

Making the final ascent up to the ridge, Michelle declared, “I need a bath!” So I suggested we head for the stream I was in just yesterday. “Ok, we’ll have to stand guard for each other though, meaning we each take a bath….one at a time.” I started turning red.

As we walked under a group of pine trees, Michelle stopped dead in her tracks. I blurted out, “What’s wrong?” Michelle looked serious, when she turned around, and suggested we have a seat right there. So we sat down, and Michelle said, “Nothing’s wrong Michael…” She was hesitating but with tenderness filling her bulging hawk eyes and her voice, she said, “Michael I think you’re going to love where I live…but you know what?” I waited. “It’s your home too now.”

“There’s no going back now Michael.” When she said that, it was like the floor had dropped out from under me, and to be honest it wasn’t something I had thought of before. I know my face must have been ashen, “You mean no more being a salesman?” She shook her head no.

“You saw how the Dark Forest came after you.” “Because you’re so special, the darkness wants you dead Michael.” “You wouldn’t be safe down there again, and besides we have a job to do.” “That time you called the cops on the thugs breaking into houses, that was only the beginning.”

A few minutes later I was a hawk again, sitting on one of the large branches of an oak tree, guarding Michelle. In particular, there was a waterfall she enjoyed, like a shower. Even though I saw the back of her a few times I was too lost in thought to think about her that way.

I guess, in a way…..I was saying goodbye to the life I once knew. Even though I loved flying, and I was really digging Michelle, I was letting go of what I used to know, of who I used to be…..and……well it was tough.

After grabbing a quick dip myself, Michelle led me to some boulders well hidden in dense forest. She simply touched one of them and the opening was revealed. When I say that, I don’t mean it slid open – I mean one second the rock was there, and the next it wasn’t.

Michelle was beaming, and said, “Welcome home!”

Michelle wants to tell the next few parts, so she will in a couple of days. She’s a better story teller than I am anyway!


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Hawk Eyes XI – Flying Solo


I don’t remember much after that, other than it was really weird being able to walk and talk, see, taste, and feel, but I couldn’t see where……where my self was. I could feel Michelle’s hand and she said, “We need to stay connected for this to work….so keep holding on.”

So I did hold on. I vaguely remember Michelle say something important though, “Michael are you listening?” I told her yes, and shook my head, then remembered she couldn’t see that. “Michael…..this is important…..are you listening?” I said it again only louder this time, “Yes!! I’m listening!” “Shhh, not so loud.”

“Michael this is science, not magic…..we don’t practice magic, it is all a matter of physics, and chemistry!” I said nothing because I was falling asleep or maybe passing out.

I woke up the next morning tangled in some kind of web, and couldn’t move! Wait, I was stuck under a pile of blankets…..and well um…..Michelle and I were a mass of interconnected arms and legs. I managed to maneuver her limbs to the side and rolled her over. She was sleeping like a log. Did you know women can snore too?

Anyway, I remembered her saying that using our gifts would wear us out, so I thought she would be out for a while. The sun had been up, and I guessed it was past 9 o’clock. There was no sign of the raven, or of anything evil as I scanned the sky. And I couldn’t sense anything evil on the ground either.

Sooo, I had this wild idea of practicing my flying. For some reason I combed my hair first, looked back at Michelle, and closed my eyes concentrating – and then bam, like that I was a hawk! I jumped up on some rocks, started flapping my wings while running for all I was worth, and it worked!!!

I was flying, first down the mountain, over the river and then back up again. I flew over Michelle several times and decided to land in a pine tree next where she was, but flexed my talons first. Men, I can only describe flying this way, it’s about 1,000 times better than riding a motorcycle!

Sitting high in the pines, I watched her sleeping. Yeah, I admit it, I was starting to fall for her. Somehow, I knew we were made for each other. But I started thinking – do we get married? I mean who would marry a couple like us? Do we just stand on top of a mountain and pledge ourselves to each other, in front of God and everybody?

And it went more than just skin deep, it had to in our case. My thinking was all over the place, when I saw her begin to stir, so I flew down, and around and landed, quickly changing back to a human again. When she was almost awake, I kissed her lightly on the cheek. Yep, that did it, she was wide awake now, and said my name so beautifully I thought I would turn to melting wax, “Michael”, as she beamed from ear to ear.

I sat next to her, and she said, “Hey you were great…..last night!” I stammered, with my heart beating about a hundred miles an hour. “I was???” Then she punched my arm, and laughed, “Had you goin there for a minute – didn’t I?”

I got her back though, on the way back to our home. Yep, “our home”.

In a couple of days, I’ll share more about the two of us.


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Hawk Eyes X – The Raven


After Michelle tied the blanket around me, we headed up the trail, to the ridge with large boulders. I couldn’t wait to get to her place and finally crash. It was late afternoon now, and I followed, as she led the way. I asked her a question while we hiked, that I had been thinking about for some time. “So Michelle, do you think God made us this way………and what do you mean by us fighting evil?”

“He absolutely made us this way……every once in a while within our history, the dangers for people are so great, He creates hawk people like us, to help in the fight.” It didn’t take much thinking to realize we were in one of those dark times. She turned to me, and for a second I thought she wanted to kiss me,  but she continued with, “What amazes me is the timing – because it’s all in our genetic code!”

I was about to say something like, “Wow” but I stopped, with my mouth open, realizing or sensing something, close to us. It was in the sky, and it weren’t good!

Michelle sensed it too, and said, “Yeah, I know – it’s at about 2 o’clock and it is evil – but don’t look at it!!” We didn’t see it until much later, but we both knew, or “sensed” it was there.

“Let’s keep walking like we don’t know about it, but we won’t be able to stop at my house though, because he’s doing recon, and they will discover where I live!” Then we jabbered back and forth, “What is it?” “A raven, I know because I can smell them a mile away.” “Should I toss some fire, and burn him out of the sky?” “No! We can’t afford a war right now, and you’re too weak.” “What?”

She turned to me again, looking at me with her huge hawk eyes, but somehow I did see compassion. She said softly, “Using our gifts makes us weak, especially when we first discover them.”

No wonder I was worn out! We kept going even after it was dark though, for about another 3 hours. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done, and my legs felt like rubber. And yet the raven was still following us, sometimes just sitting in a tree, and at other times flying far enough away so we couldn’t reach out and destroy it.

So after a total of 3 ½ hours of walking had gone by, I was about to tell Michelle I had reached my limit, when she said, “Let’s sit down for a while.” So we sat down on a fallen tree. Michelle drew in close to me, and without saying a word, her lips parted and we kissed. It was one of the most amazing kisses I had ever been involved in.

She smiled at me in the dark, and said, “I’ve been thinking about that kiss all day….” Then she whispered in my ear something I cannot repeat here! Anyway, she also said something about it being time to practice one of her gifts, and she told me to get ready to move again.

She said, “One of my gifts is to make things disappear, take my hand…” And within a second, we were invisible.


 To be continued in a couple days!

I’m really enjoying this series. Can ya tell?

Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Henry Vu and the Praying Man IV


If you were to ask Bob, was it is easy getting his life back together, after having a supernatural encounter with an angel, he would tell you no, and heck no. But God had intervened in a real way, and Bob was forever changed.

As he picked up the phone one morning to call Alcoholics Anonymous, Bob knew this was just the beginning. It was tough not to drink, beyond tough, but after the phone call he sat down to pray. He even opened his Bible to the book of Psalms. It had been his favorite book, but he hadn’t even touched a Bible for years.

But it was his daughter Madison flying in from California, that gave him the strength he needed. He met her at the airport an absolute wreck from not having his morning shot of brandy. When he saw her coming through the gate though – joy took over, and he looked up saying, “Thank you!” to heaven.

When she spotted him she yelled, “Dad!” and began running as fast as she could towards him. He couldn’t help thinking of the many times she had done the same thing as a little girl, when he came home from work, so many years ago.

There were tears of course when they hugged. And Bob said, “Please forgive me sweetheart…….for not being there when your Mom died……Madison broke down in great sobs, as Bob continued….. “I fell apart years before that…..and I’m so sorry…..”

As forgiveness flowed right there at Gate 5, Bob noticed Henry Vu standing some distance away in the crowd. Bob also saw that Henry was weeping. Who knew that angels wept?

Being so amazed about Henry, and God’s intervention, Bob said out loud, “I never thought my Guardian Angel would be Vietnamese…..” When his daughter looked at him as if to say, what are you talking about, Bob said, “Nothing sweetheart….” but he began smiling. Henry just nodded and smiled back, as they walked by.

As they walked away from Gate 5, and towards the parking lot Bob was shaking so badly, he could hardly walk. Madison knew he had quit drinking, and said “Dad we need to get you to a doctor, and I’m driving!”

The conclusion next week!


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest

Henry Vu – The Visitors Part II


As she opened the door, the music pierced Caroline’s heart with both pain and joy. It was her husband Tom’s favorite Christmas carol. Tears began streaming down her face, Jessica said, “Mommy?” By the middle of the song Caroline broke down, not able to contain the grief any longer. She fell to her knees, crying and wailing.

Henry Vu watched from a rooftop across the street, realizing it was not over yet. The carolers stopped. They prayed quietly, and one of their group rushed to Caroline’s side. Linda Cunningham had compassion the size an ocean, and said, “What is it sweetheart?” The response broke everyone’s heart. “My husband is dead!!!” There was more wailing, Linda held her, and began weeping herself. She knew what grief could do to a person. Linda’s husband had died just one year ago, from cancer.

The empathy of that tiny group of carolers was so tangible, Caroline could feel it coming to her and enveloping her through Linda’s arms. Linda asked after a long silence, “Sweetheart, is there anything we can do??” Through her tears, and after accepting a handkerchief from one of the men, Caroline paused wanting to speak……and she finally said….. “Maybe just somebody to talk to.”

So Linda did go inside with Caroline and the children, as the carolers moved on to other houses. Henry watched them, move through the neighborhood with grace and power, unlike he had seen in other humans. Hearts were beginning to heal in many places as he watched, often with his spirit sight.

Linda mostly listened, but she and Caroline talked for hours. It was one tragedy after another it seemed……as Caroline poured it all out. And the two of them began a friendship, that lasts to this day. Caroline did get the help her family needed, and more.

Henry, still sits on that roof sometimes, nodding his head yes, and often with tears in his eyes. And every time he checks on the Jenkins family, he praises God so loud, another party gets started……up in heaven.


Writing and Image© Copyright 2017, The Mystical Forest

Note: I hope you enjoying this heart warming series. I look forward seeing where Henry will be going next!

The Deep Sleep


Part 23 of the Sacred Mountain Series

As each mass of muscle and fat, known as the brundles, meandered along towards the east, Gem was grateful that the leader of the Farm Village was with them. Yanu Alunai had known exactly what to do to help Seth, and had also given him a very strong herbal drink, which put him into a deep sleep. “He will sleep for two or three days, but do not be alarmed.” “Healing often comes with the body at rest.”, she said to Gem.

Gem trusted her completely, because no one knew more about herbal medicine, and she was the wisest and most gentle person, Gem had ever met. As Gem held Seth in front of her on the brundle, she thought of how she wanted it to be different, the other way around. She not only wanted to Seth to hold her as they rode, holding her with his huge arms, but she could not stand the fact that he was injured.

Gem and the sleeping Seth, were at the front of the procession heading back home, which was a sign of honor, when Yanu Alunai trotted next to them, on her brundle. She smiled, when Gem decided to be brave, and ask her about the topic she had been so troubled by. She started out softly about it, but found herself getting angry, “I am troubled Yanu Alunai……no I am angry……that Yoni Malu has bonded her spirit with the one I love!”

It was the first time she had ever seen Yanu Alunai frown. “She should not have done that, it’s true.” “But even though it is seldom done in our circles, unless both agree…she has not actually broken any rules.” Yanu Alunai paused just long enough for Gem to throw in, “I can’t believe it!”

Yanu Alunai continued, “But it was unwise, because she knew how you felt about Seth….it was unwise indeed.” The two continued to talk throughout their 3 day journey back to the village, about almost everything.

Gem asked about a certain aspect of the Farm People……it was well…..about reproduction. Yanu Alunai assured Gem, that the two Seers were capable of mating with the Farm People, “But it would be well…..different for sure.” Gem grew red in the face, and decided not to ask any more about it.

Once they did arrive at the village, Seth was beginning to come out of his sleep. There was a great celebration, with a communal meal, and joy on everyone’s face. Gem was especially grateful that Yoni Malu was not studying or staring at Seth, at least not from what she could tell.

For the next several days, Seth practiced blending into a large group of rocks near the village. It had been Yanu Alunai’s recommendation. Gem would come by when it was time to leave the blending.

One afternoon Seth had a particular gleam in his eye when he came out of the rocks. He pulled Gem close, as their lips found each other. Her body ached for him. He moved his hands over back, as he started to kiss her neck. 

And well…..the rest of what happened that afternoon cannot be mentioned here….. One thing was for certain……the deep sleep, was definitely over…..


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest

True Warriors


Part 22 of the Sacred Mountain Series

The deep, rich brown of the Jesser Tree, still pulsed with black veins, as Gem and Seth stood their ground in the open grassland, next to a river, with their Living Bows. The brundles were thundering now at full speed, towards them. They had known the Farm People were coming to help them, but they did not know that warriors were with them.

Seth had been very clear, that they did not trust warriors now, having felt betrayed. And yet here they were, barreling down on them, with some Farm People on the same brundles riding behind each warrior. “I count 12!” Their arrows were pointed straight at the two lead warriors.

“I can’t fire any arrows Gem….I do….not….have the strength yet.” Gem could see that her love was in intense pain, and his wounds were far from healed. It had been several days since they had blended into nature, and Seth needed more of the same.

Gem pulled back her bow, realizing she would have to replicate arrows, but would she harm the Farm People as well? She shuddered at the thought. Seth was also pointing an arrow, but it just rested in place without him pulling it back. It took effort, just for him to hold the Living Bow in place.

They were ready though, as they brundles closed in. And then suddenly they all halted at once some 50 yards in front of them. Several Farm People fell off the backs of the huge animals, having been unprepared for the stop.

Gem and Seth both tensed, when Yoni Malu came running towards them. Seth whispered, “Gem I do not sense any evil among them….perhaps it will be ok.” He still held his bow up though, not wanting to appear weak.

Yoni Malu was screaming, “No!, no!” “Please do not fire!” “Please do not fire!” She knew that the Seers could down all of the warriors, and take their lives within seconds. Gem and Seth backed up a step, when Yoni Malu fell to her knees just a few yards in front of them. She was weeping and sobbing, when she whispered, “They are true warriors, none of them are carrying the evil one inside of them…”

Gem and Seth simply looked at each other, then lowered their bows. “Please examine them, and look into their hearts….please.” Yoni Malu was pleading with them.

Gem and Seth nodded in agreement, and in one motion the warriors dismounted and assisted the other Farm People down off the brundles. Leaving their weapons where they stood the warriors approached then went down on one knee, as a sign of honoring the Seers, Gem and Seth.

Gem and Seth did walk in front of them, and around them, as each one bowed their head slightly and called them “Seer”. It was the first time anyone had ever called them that.

Yoni Malu approached Seth with pleading eyes and spoke, “Seer Seth, there has been an ancient evil in the past, that could change form and make themselves anything, any creature, human or animal.” “But we have only heard legends of this being used in our ancient world.” “If you felt evil in the other warrior camp….then they were not really warriors….I’m sure of it.” “It was the evil one.”

Once they felt safe, Gem and Seth began approaching the Farm People…. it was then that Seth collapsed.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, The Mystical Forest