Hawk Eyes XIII – A Pair of Hawks


Hey, this is Michelle. If you could have seen his face, as he walked into my underground home! He simply couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been proud of my place. I even put tile down as flooring, but there were two things that stood out to Michael.

First, the lighting I installed really lights the place up. “Where is the electricity coming from?” he asked. I thought it was kind of obvious that it was solar, but you know how men are ladies…….they kind of miss what is so plain to see…..don’t they? “It’s solar Michael” I said smiling.

The other thing he loved were the books. He was in awe really. And you know what? It was kind of nice to see him think of me differently after that. I have biology, chemistry, and every kind of wilderness survival book, and solar energy book you could think of. He was stunned.

He sat down in the middle of the great room speechless. But when I served up some roasted wild turkey, and a salad (yes I have a refrigerator built into the stone) he kept saying, “I had no idea, I had no idea”, as he shook his head.

It was Michael though, that brought up sleeping together. He dipped a piece of roasted turkey into his salad dressing, and said, “Michelle…..I see you have only one bed, but everything’s been happening…..well so fast…..” He stopped talking, put down his fork, and stared at his bowl of salad.

I thought we were doing great, but for the first time I began to see things from where he was. It had been overwhelming, and it would be overwhelming for anyone going through what he had. And we had only known each other for 2 ½ days! And to be honest, we were both exhausted.

Finally I said, “Relax Michael, we can do like we have been, sleeping next to each other……you know, without getting it on!” I couldn’t resist the humor, and we both chuckled. He seemed relieved the pressure was off, so I jumped in with, “And for tomorrow why don’t we practice our flying, and some of our gifts?!” He smiled from ear to ear on that one.

We hit the sack early that night. I really love sleeping with Michael, and having him next to me, gives me the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. I could just imagine what it would be like, when…..well you know…..we were married or whatever. And I love waking up next to him! Sigh.

We headed out early the next day, and practiced transforming ourselves, from humans to hawks, and back again. And I was careful to explain that this is the only practice we can do close to home. We didn’t want to attract anything or anyone, picking us up on their scanners.

So we flew some 20 miles away, so Michael could practice throwing some fire around, and I showed him how I hide things, including us becoming invisible. I was about to test Michael on some other gifts I thought he might have, when we both detected some evil in the skies, some distance off to the north, so we high-tailed it out of there, flying at a low altitude.

We weren’t done for the day though. When we got home I introduced Michael to the world of bird languages! Ain’t it cool?!

Next time I’ll tell you about Michael learning the hawk language, and the two of us getting……well a little bit closer.

Peace out!



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Hawk Eyes XII – Our Home


Ok I admit it, I did put a toad down the back of her shirt on the way home. She screamed, she jumped, she took her shirt off. But then she got angry, chased me and yelled, “You dog!” She caught me too, tried tickling me, but I’m not ticklish. Ok….well that’s not entirely true.

Anyway, I’m getting distracted, telling you about our journey back home. Besides the rolling around and laughing our heads off, I asked Michelle a lot of questions. One of them was, “Hey Michelle, are all crows filled with evil?” She said, “Not crows Michael, ravens!” “You mean there’s a difference??”

I learned more about nature that day, than I have at any point in my life. She told me, “Ravens are much larger than crows, and many have decided to join the dark forces.” “And crows, there’re too selfish to think of anything but themselves….so they don’t choose sides.” I said, “I had no idea…”

Making the final ascent up to the ridge, Michelle declared, “I need a bath!” So I suggested we head for the stream I was in just yesterday. “Ok, we’ll have to stand guard for each other though, meaning we each take a bath….one at a time.” I started turning red.

As we walked under a group of pine trees, Michelle stopped dead in her tracks. I blurted out, “What’s wrong?” Michelle looked serious, when she turned around, and suggested we have a seat right there. So we sat down, and Michelle said, “Nothing’s wrong Michael…” She was hesitating but with tenderness filling her bulging hawk eyes and her voice, she said, “Michael I think you’re going to love where I live…but you know what?” I waited. “It’s your home too now.”

“There’s no going back now Michael.” When she said that, it was like the floor had dropped out from under me, and to be honest it wasn’t something I had thought of before. I know my face must have been ashen, “You mean no more being a salesman?” She shook her head no.

“You saw how the Dark Forest came after you.” “Because you’re so special, the darkness wants you dead Michael.” “You wouldn’t be safe down there again, and besides we have a job to do.” “That time you called the cops on the thugs breaking into houses, that was only the beginning.”

A few minutes later I was a hawk again, sitting on one of the large branches of an oak tree, guarding Michelle. In particular, there was a waterfall she enjoyed, like a shower. Even though I saw the back of her a few times I was too lost in thought to think about her that way.

I guess, in a way…..I was saying goodbye to the life I once knew. Even though I loved flying, and I was really digging Michelle, I was letting go of what I used to know, of who I used to be…..and……well it was tough.

After grabbing a quick dip myself, Michelle led me to some boulders well hidden in dense forest. She simply touched one of them and the opening was revealed. When I say that, I don’t mean it slid open – I mean one second the rock was there, and the next it wasn’t.

Michelle was beaming, and said, “Welcome home!”

Michelle wants to tell the next few parts, so she will in a couple of days. She’s a better story teller than I am anyway!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes X – The Raven


After Michelle tied the blanket around me, we headed up the trail, to the ridge with large boulders. I couldn’t wait to get to her place and finally crash. It was late afternoon now, and I followed, as she led the way. I asked her a question while we hiked, that I had been thinking about for some time. “So Michelle, do you think God made us this way………and what do you mean by us fighting evil?”

“He absolutely made us this way……every once in a while within our history, the dangers for people are so great, He creates hawk people like us, to help in the fight.” It didn’t take much thinking to realize we were in one of those dark times. She turned to me, and for a second I thought she wanted to kiss me,  but she continued with, “What amazes me is the timing – because it’s all in our genetic code!”

I was about to say something like, “Wow” but I stopped, with my mouth open, realizing or sensing something, close to us. It was in the sky, and it weren’t good!

Michelle sensed it too, and said, “Yeah, I know – it’s at about 2 o’clock and it is evil – but don’t look at it!!” We didn’t see it until much later, but we both knew, or “sensed” it was there.

“Let’s keep walking like we don’t know about it, but we won’t be able to stop at my house though, because he’s doing recon, and they will discover where I live!” Then we jabbered back and forth, “What is it?” “A raven, I know because I can smell them a mile away.” “Should I toss some fire, and burn him out of the sky?” “No! We can’t afford a war right now, and you’re too weak.” “What?”

She turned to me again, looking at me with her huge hawk eyes, but somehow I did see compassion. She said softly, “Using our gifts makes us weak, especially when we first discover them.”

No wonder I was worn out! We kept going even after it was dark though, for about another 3 hours. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done, and my legs felt like rubber. And yet the raven was still following us, sometimes just sitting in a tree, and at other times flying far enough away so we couldn’t reach out and destroy it.

So after a total of 3 ½ hours of walking had gone by, I was about to tell Michelle I had reached my limit, when she said, “Let’s sit down for a while.” So we sat down on a fallen tree. Michelle drew in close to me, and without saying a word, her lips parted and we kissed. It was one of the most amazing kisses I had ever been involved in.

She smiled at me in the dark, and said, “I’ve been thinking about that kiss all day….” Then she whispered in my ear something I cannot repeat here! Anyway, she also said something about it being time to practice one of her gifts, and she told me to get ready to move again.

She said, “One of my gifts is to make things disappear, take my hand…” And within a second, we were invisible.


 To be continued in a couple days!

I’m really enjoying this series. Can ya tell?

Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning

Hawk Eyes IX – Cool Mountain Streams


Hey, this is Michelle again, and you know what? It’s been really cool getting to know Michael. He amazed me that day, after escaping from the Dark Forest. Up near my place, there are several streams I often bathe in, and that’s where we headed.

I turned my head while he took off what remained of his clothes. They were nothing more now than burnt rags. He let out a soothing “Ah” sound as he went into the water. Ok ladies, you didn’t hear this from me…..but I was tempted, I’m not kidding, but I was at least trying to be good! I sat on some rocks and turned to the side.

I was thinking about how much I was digging him, when he asked me, “I see you covered your eyes again…..did you…..do that for me?” I just nodded yes, and said “Yeah”. He said, “Hey, I’m sorry about my reaction when I saw them…..can we try it again?” He was tugging on my heart strings now. Remember this is when the mess started, between him and I….

Anyway, I turned to him (no I didn’t see anything!) and slowly lifted my eye patch. He didn’t react at all, so I swept back my hair, and there they were – two of the biggest hawk eyes, you would ever want to see! Or not!

I know my eyes are gross, I’m not stupid. But Michael….well he didn’t throw up this time. He did turn away, but said, “I’m getting used to them.”

After he got out of the water, with me turned away, he wrapped himself in the only thing we had – a blanket. As I was helping him tie it, sort of like a toga, I said one of the stupidest things I have ever said. It just wasn’t the right timing, but I blurted out, “Do you think we could be a couple?”

I turned ten shades of red. But he pulled my heartstrings again, by not laughing. Instead he looked at me, with my bare, ugly hawk eyes, looking back at him. He smiled, and said, “Why don’t we get to know each other first.” I just nodded, embarrassed.

Deeply embedded in the rocks, was my place, and no I don’t live in a hawk’s nest! You can’t see it though, until I touch the rock for it to open.

I’ll turn our story over to Michael again, in a couple of days.

Peace out.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, Blue Skies in the Morning